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Title:Obi Wan Kenobi Episode 2 BREAKDOWN

obi wan lands on Daiyu, and we learn this is a crime ridden world where secrets are kept, kind of like what happens on daiyu, stays on daiyu. Obi-Wan speaks to Qui-Gon but gets nothing back, asking for guidance as a Clone Trooper, can be seen begging for credits. the Clone is a 501st trooper, this was one of the clones fighting at the jedi temple with anakin, later called Vader’s fist. They became obsolete to the emperor as palpatine didn’t care anymore for soldiers who could fight, but rather sheer army size, which is why he conscripted anyone to enlist in becoming a stormtrooper. He doesn’t recognize obi-wan most likely because he’s drunk and doesn’t seem to be all there. The empire doesn’t want clones anymore, they want stormtroopers. Obi-Wan asks a spice seller if she knows where his daughter is, and she says he’ll never find her again if she’s here. This gives us an undestanding of what this planet is like. It’s like nar shadda or something. full of crime, scum and villainy. She offers him different spice, kessel, glitterstim or felucian. Felucia is the planet we saw in revenge of the sith where aayla secura fell to the clones obeying order 66. She hands obi-wan a bottle of spice on the house, and leaves. As he follows the boy who scams him to the fake Jedi, Obi-Wan discovers the little operation being pulled on people as Haja the fake Jedi pretends to mind trick pilots at the gate for credits. It’s all smoke and mirrors and magnets, as Kenobi exposes him. Haja agrees to help obi-wan find Leia, as he guides him to his next path. We get a breaking bad scene as spice and such are being created, where Obi-Wan causes a chemical reaction and leaves through another door. Approahced by a Zabrak, and a man, he fights them and he get a Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai moment as he’s super rusty fighting in hand to hand combat. Still not using his force powers. The three nappers who got Leia hold obi wan at blaster point, as they recognize he’s just a man now, astonished a jedi can even bleed. Throwing the ball of spice the girl gave him, he gets out of there and rescues the apprehensive Leia who eventually trusts him. Reva finds the drugged nappers and sets out to find Kenobi when she’s stopped by the inquisitors who are furious with her taking the child of an imperial senator’s child. Reva reveals that she found Bail Organa has ties to Kenobi from the archives. Obi-Wan fought alongside Bail in the Clone Wars on Christophsis and more so she thought that by taking his child, Kenobi would be called upon. The GI learn she’s doing this to gain favor from Vader as the 5th brother reveals. Grand Inquisitor explains she’s the lowest of them, and that she came to them in her lowest state. Her position is only solidified because of her abilities, but all the powers in the world won’t mask her true identity of being a former Jedi. they fight over Kenobi and we see how little respect Reva has for hierarchy and order. She never does what she’s told, she’s entitled and extremely abrasive. She orders a bounty on Kenobi by every bounty hunter on the planet. Sending a swarm towards him. To bring him in alive it seems. as Kenobi moves around with Leia in cloaks, we see a droid that looks like 4LOM, this was a bounty hunter we saw in the empire strikes back. I’m not sure if it’s the same droid, but it certainly is the same species. Leia sees the beacon with Obi-Wan’s photo, suspecting that Obi-Wan is behind her being taken all this time. She runs away and obi-wan seems to have trouble catching a 10 year old child. they make their way to the rooftops where Obi-Wan is shot at by one of the bounty hunters, and we get batman Reva doing force imbued parkour to get to Kenobi. She force pushes a beam just like we did in jedi fallen order, hopefully we see cal kestis. Leia jumps off the roof and falls where Obi-Wan uses the force for the first time in 10 years and just barely saves her. This to me was done really well, as he’s so rusty that something as simple as levitating little Leia was difficult. Haja becomes a fan boy when he realizes Obi-Wan is the old Jedi Master from the clone wars, that he helps him by helping him find a way out of there. He gets beaten by Reva and she mind probes him like Kylo Ren did to Poe. Obi-Wan and Leia have a moment together and he says she reminds him of someone, I think he’s talking about Padme, her mother. Some may think it’s about Satine, but I think it’s about Padme. What would you rate this episode out of 10? Join this channel to get access to perks: youtube.com/channel/UC8CbFnDTYkiVweaz8y9wd_Q/join Continue the conversation on the Theory forums! starwarstheory.com/THEORY/posts Become a Patron to support future content - www.patreon.com/StarWarsTheory


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