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Title:It's Open Chat Friday! | Grace Life Podcast | Joel & Friends 1/22/21

[Friday Morning Podcast, 1/22/21] Come join Pastor Joel & friends to talk about Christian News & living the grace life! PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”) Download a free copy of Pastor Joel’s new book, “Empowered by His Grace!” t.ly/wZh8 Bryan Ross has a new book on E.W. Bullinger! Get it in print and/or on Kindle! In print: t.ly/Nan0 | Kindle: t.ly/fysv | Video t.ly/PNts Also, our website has available for free all the books of Bullinger: t.ly/oLO4 Check out Greg Resor’s Digital Radio Station! Grace Messages 24/7! t.ly/uOuH Stock up on hard copies of grace books! Berean Bible Society t.ly/EXZA | Grace Publications t.ly/PgBI | Dispensational Publishing House t.ly/X3tx | Parsons t.ly/fPxB | Also, get connected with grace newsletters t.ly/5X20 Join the ministry! Sign up for Grace School of the Bible t.ly/haX4 | Berean Bible Institute t.ly/R2U9 --------------------------------------- FBC on Social Media: Connect with Pastor Joel! FB: www.facebook.com/david.hayes.790 Twitter: twitter.com/OurBlessedHope Parler: parler.com/profile/JoelDHayes/posts Gab: gab.com/jdh1101 Minds: www.minds.com/joeldhayes/ MeWe: mewe.com/i/joelhayes6 Connect with Pastor Fred! FB: www.facebook.com/FredBekemeyer Connect with Pastor Hal! FB: www.facebook.com/hal.bekemeyer Connect with Fellowship Bible Church! FB: www.facebook.com/FellowshipBibleChurchOrlando Odysee: odysee.com/@FBC_Orlando:d See also: Got Eternal Life? www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/salvation This is EPIC: free Grace Goodies: www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/free-goodies Support the Ministry: www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/donate Come join us! We’re really friendly. www.fellowshipbiblechurchorlando.org/find-us --------------------------------------- Stam’s article, “Suppose”: t.ly/QHlO Grace Messages: Joel on “Longsuffering in the Last Days”: t.ly/cF6E Christian News: How Can Christians Stand Against Abortion During the Biden Administration? t.ly/XfxY “Chuck Colson liked to say that the Kingdom of God will never arrive on Air Force One.” t.ly/MyNS Biden’s Executive Orders t.ly/RkLr | Forces Schools to Allow Boys in Girls' Sports t.ly/CjTQ | Even Regular Male Athletes will not be Barred t.ly/Uhqy | Rewrites all Federal Orders t.ly/LQhI | Funds Abortion Abroad t.ly/U8J0 ND Court Strikes Obama’s ‘Transgender Mandate’ that Forced Some Doctors to Violate Their Faith: t.ly/FrMb 750 Christians Reported Dead Defending Ark of the Covenant: t.ly/DyZg Archeology: Ancient ‘Christ, born of Mary’ inscription unearthed in northern Israel: t.ly/dPUK | The Qurnah Disaster t.ly/fVAF


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