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Title:SCP-3000 Anantashesha | object class thaumiel | Aquatic / Cognitohazard

in this SCP Foundation reading we learn about SCP 3000 Anantashesha, a gigantic, massive aquatic serpentine entity who has great purposes for the SCP Foundation.SCP Foundation reading narration by Eastside Steve of Eastside Show SCP.

SCP-3000 is a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eel (Gymnothorax javanicus). The full length of SCP-3000 is impossible to determine, but is hypothesized to be between 600 and 900 kilometers. The head of SCP-3000 measures roughly 2.5m in diameter, and sections of the body proper are as large as 10m in diameter.

SCP-3000 is typically a sedentary creature, only moving its head in response to certain stimuli or during feeding. The majority of its body is located in and around the Ganges Fan, and rarely moves at all.

SCP-3000 is carnivorous, and despite its sedentary nature is capable of moving quickly to dispatch prey. Despite its size, it is hypothesized that SCP-3000 does not require sustenance to maintain its biological functions. While SCP-3000 excretes a thin layer of a viscous, dark grey substance classified as Y-909 (see Addendum 3000.2 below) through its skin as it consumes prey, the end result of its digestive processes is currently unknown.

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