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Title:Prairie Dirt Classic 2017- "The Great Escape"

It's impossible to fully describe the atmosphere of the Prairie Dirt Classic. You just have to experience it for yourself to truly feel what everyone says about it. I've been a part of a lot of Prairie Dirt Classic's, but it still amazes me to see the town come together like it does year after year. Ask any of the drivers; You will not find another town like Fairbury, Illinois anywhere else in the country. There are a lot of people I need to thank in this one. First off, Matthew Curl​ Leroy Rodriguez​ and the entire Fairbury American Legion Speedway​ staff. Thank you. I can't put into words how much of a help you have been throughout the past 5 years and I look forward to the years ahead! Big thanks to Brian Dunn​ for setting up his scissor lift for me in Turn 1 & 2 for some new camera angles this year. HUGE shout out to Ez Living Rv Inc​ for giving us at Racing411 a "mobile HQ" for the weekend. DirtonDirt.com​ and Loudpedal Productions​ are ALWAYS a huge help and this weekend was no different. I had no idea what I was doing with this new camera when I first picked it up, but Tim wasted no time in sharing his expertise. Thank you to Chris Ferguson​ Devin Moran​ and Chase Junghans​ for letting us walk through their trailers. Thanks Tyler Erb​ for being Tyler Erb, and everyone else that played along with the awkward moments of having a camera shoved in your face. You guys are what makes this video special. But the biggest thanks go out to Logan Kessinger​ and Kory Kohler​ for their help all weekend. People don't realize how much work it is to put this together and typically it all falls on me, but having both of you guys running cameras all weekend took a huge weight off my shoulders. You guys did one HELL of a job and I'm proud of the team effort we put out. Hope you all enjoy it and I apologize again for being so late with this one!


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