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Title:DEATH RIDES A HORSE (1967) | Full Movie with Lee Van Cleef | Spaghetti Western | Widescreen HD

Spaghetti Western starring Lee Van Cleef and John Phillip Law 🤠 Full, widescreen, HD movie DEATH RIDES A HORSE (1967) 🤠 Classic Italian Western directed by Giulio Petroni 🤠 Before his very eyes, a young boy watches the cutthroats of a small gang raid his humble home. Fifteen years later, Bill Meceita, the once-helpless boy and the sole survivor of the raid, has now become a cool and skilful sharpshooter, seeking revenge against the band of unknown criminals. In the meantime, the seasoned gunslinger and freshly out of prison, Ryan, has already embarked on a journey of sweet retribution, unaware that before long, he will cross paths with Bill. 💖 CLICK here to GET NOTIFIED about new movies: https://bit.ly/Subscribe_Feature_Film 🤣 CLASSIC COMEDIES: https://bit.ly/Classic_Comedies 📺 CLASSIC MOVIES: https://bit.ly/Free_Classic_Movies 🤠 CLASSIC WESTERNS: https://bit.ly/Free_Classic_Westerns @FEATURE FILM offers a wide range of full length movies, which provide great entertainment for the whole family. On our channel you can find classic movies, including westerns, drama movies, action movies, comedies and many more. Best old movies available for free on YouTube! 🎬 DEATH RIDES A HORSE movie genre: Spaghetti Western ✨ DEATH RIDES A HORSE (1967) film cast: Lee Van Cleef as Ryan John Phillip Law as Bill Meceita Mario Brega as One-Eye, Walcott henchman in waistcoat Luigi Pistilli as Walcott Anthony Dawson as Burt Cavanaugh/Manina Jose Torres as Pedro Franco Balducci as Lyndon City sheriff Bruno Corazzari as Walcott bartender Felicita Fanny as Martita Ignazio Leone as Minister Carlo Pisacane as Holly Spring station master Angelo Susani as Paco Guglielmo Spoletini as Manuel Vivienne Bocca as Bill Meceita's sister Walter Giulangeli as Mr. Meceita Elena Hall as Mrs. Meceita Mario Mandalari as Walcott henchman Natale Nazareno (c.s.c.) as Member of Pedro's gang Ennio Pagliani as Walcott henchman Giovanni Petrucci as Walcott henchman Romano Puppo as Lyndon City deputy Richard Watson as bartender Archie Savage as Vigro #western #leevancleef #wildwest #cowboys #movies #freemovies #spaghettiwestern


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