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Title:2 HOURS Cyberpunk / Darksynth / Midtempo Mix 'ENIGMA'

Darksynth / Industrial / Cyberpunk / Dark Electro Mix by Aim To Head.

The music in this video is COPYRIGHT FREE, you can use this mix as background music for whatever purpose without having any copyright issues.

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00:00​ | Aim To Head - Replicant
09:13​ | Aim To Head - Ghoul
17:40​ | Aim To Head - Fallen
25:54​ | Aim To Head - Mecha
34:25​ | Aim To Head - Needle
42:24​ | Aim To Head - Spectrum
51:01​ | Aim To Head - Alchemy
1:00:24​ | Aim To Head - Anima
1:09:21​ | Aim To Head - Solitude
1:19:07​ | Aim To Head - Cells
1:27:38​ | Aim To Head - Cold
1:36:57​ | Aim To Head - Skyfall
1:45:12​ | Aim To Head - Death Loop
1:54:35​ | Aim To Head - Vision

⬇️Background Art: Thuan Nguyen⬇️

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