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Title:a SCOTT AUKERMAN JASON MANTZOUKAS imaginary BRO DOWN HOEDOWN compiled from 22 Comedy Bang! Bang! eps

added July 2022: Baffled over part 1 of the Bro Down Hoe Down having 22,000 views in two years, but part 2 having only been seen 800 times in just over a year, I realised I didn't do THIS: PART 2!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sre_K... Scott Aukerman has broken the multi-guest format of his Earwolf podcast “Comedy Bang! Bang!” several times to share the entire show with just Ben Schwartz, in a collection of “Solo Bolos”. Sadly (yet, hilariously), his attempts to do the same with Jason Mantzoukas have been sabotaged by weirdos taking advantage of Scott’s open door policy. This is not a complaint. Those aborted Bro Down Hoedown episodes are great, but fans are still waiting for a show-long stream of consciousness from Scott and Jason, two friends who bring out the best (and often the worst) in each other and whose comic camaraderie has created some of the funniest moments in “Comedy Bang! Bang!” history. Until an authentic “Bro Down Hoedown”, here's the next best thing- a compilation of just Scott and Jason from 22 “Comedy Bang! Bang!” episodes (74, 131, 148, 200, 274, 300, 356, 384, 400, 441, 456, 471, 484, 495, 518, 550, 588, 599, 600, 622, 638 & 650). Due to obvious changes in audio quality and studio ambience and all the time-shifting, this is more a best-of Scott and Jason than a “Bro Down Hoedown” (my original intention was to have this sound as if it were recorded in one sitting, a concept I abandoned early when I realised how much great stuff I'd have to cut), but it's as close as we’ll get till Scott and Jason give us one for realsies. Not that it'll run 6 hours, but one can dream. Coincidentally, in this video, the boys discuss doing a four-hour episode together, contemplating the danger it could pose to listeners’ sanity. As this is almost two hours longer, so you don’t lose YOUR mind, for safe listening, I have added links to segments of around 30 minutes, in a pinned comment (which was too long to fit in this description). As the episodes are edited to feature Jason and Scott, a lot of great stuff has been cut. To hear the entire shows and every other “Comedy Bang! Bang!”, including over 100 live eps, subscribe to Stitcher Premium. I am not a representative of Stitcher or Earwolf and neither has endorsed this video. I can’t believe after eleven years, Scott, his podcast and his guests are not more well-known. I hope these videos remedy that a little. I think “Comedy Bang! Bang!” is also available through the “Widow Howl app“, but I get my CBB from Stitcher Premium, which I recommend as it also includes content from other networks as well as Earwolf, producer of most of my favourites. PS: Coincidentally, I had just completed this video and was still uploading it to YouTube, when I saw that CBB 653 had dropped. Had I been thinking, I would've realised CBB's anniversary ep was on its way and I would've waited to edit some of that content into this. With Jason as co-host, there are some great bits. As I contemplated aborting the upload and re-editing, listening to the episode and considering where I would put things if I did, I realised that Rhys Makes Words, supplier of the catchphrase Scott chose for his latest episode (and apparently an infrequent contributor) is the same guy responsible for the catchphrase I used, a freakish synchronicity I took as a sign telling me it was the perfect time to upload. Maybe I was looking for a reason not to do all that extra work, but it's a pretty good one! The latest Scott and Jason comedy can wait for another compilation, along with future episodes of what is now “Humanity’s Podcast”. Humanity sure needs it. Thank God (or whomever or whatever you believe in) for “Comedy Bang! Bang!”, helping keep us sane with its craziness in scary times. Enjoy the laughs, stay safe and thanks for visiting my channel!


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