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PATRATU VALLEY - PATRATU GHATI TO PATRATU DAM ROAD JOURNEY VIEW. ( I was recording while riding the bike, although its an unsafe act and i dont encourage anyone to do the same ) one of the best spot in jharkhand to have fun around Flanked by hills covered with lush green trees, red and violet flowers and honey bees humming, the Pithouria-Patratu Valley is no less attractive than the valleys on the Gangtok-Nathula, Dehradun-Mussouri and Raxaul-Kathmandu roads in terms of natural elegance. Of course, the hills along the Pithouria-Patratu stretch are devoid of snow, unlike the ones on Gangtok-Nathula. But green saal, sakhuwa and bamboos with flowers, in a riot of colours, more than make up for the absence of snow. The jingle-jangle of waterfalls and rivulets rushing through the stones, soothed the ears, and eyes, even more than any maestro's music. youtu.be/0lz9FFRJ2YQ There were several groups carrying coal on their cycles and struggling to reach Ranchi to sell the goods. They had probably loaded their bicycles at Patratu Mines and were pedaling their way through the intricate turns and bends of the valley. During recent changes, these coal pulling bicycles has gotten the support of local motor bikers on a profit sharing basis. Patratu is located at 23.67°N 85.28°E. It has an average elevation of 405 metres (1328 feet) Patratu dam is constructed under the planning of the greatest Indian engineer and father of Indian engineering "SIR MOKSHAGUNDAM VISVESVARAYA" and this dam is only 40 km away from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, from where it can be reached by road in less than an hour. It is directly connected to Ranchi, patna, jaipur Jamshedpur, Varanasi, Jammu, Jabalpur, Allahabad, Delhi and Kolkata by train. The dam was made to store water of Nalkari River; this is the main attraction of Patratu. One can see flying fishes during sunrise by sitting at the coast of the Dam. Very few people know there is a tunnel below the dam which connects two villages of Patratu named Labga and Hariharpur. Due to security reasons it has been closed for everyone. Thanks for your time. plz check other videos also on my channel. have uploaded many videos like this one. hope you will love it . youtube.com/c/AshishSaurabh/videos Please press LIKE icon if you liked the video. Kindly do COMMENT if you have any question, suggestion, thanks giving or any comment you would like to pass to us. To Subscribe/ to see more interesting videos , click below link /channel/UC_WuyvHyrQk-IZPatTG23Dw Subscribe this channel for more upcoming interesting videos. My MARINE INCIDENT playlist with plenty of real marine life incidents videos are available at link = /playlist?list=PLRar8DNqSjw679xZ89YNqAhxIWbhblntH MARINE LIFE playlist with many marine videos are available at link = /playlist?list=PLRar8DNqSjw4Yl14rLzz2f4kvYpriSFXg My TRAVEL & EVENTS playlist having many interesting random videos captured while travelling are available at link = /playlist?list=PLRar8DNqSjw7o4TpCV5xt7hQyrK1suBRz SACRED PLACES TOURS playlist at link = /playlist?list=PLRar8DNqSjw6SdRNDjeUajXsxpy5ZpH2P SERIES OF STEPS playlist at = /playlist?list=PLRar8DNqSjw6SdRNDjeUajXsxpy5ZpH2P * Incidents Accidents are always meant to be learn something for us ... * Be safe be healthy and enjoy quality time with your family * Always be thankful to god for another lovely day Many Thanks Ashish Related points :- jharkhand #patratu PTPS #patratuvalley #patratudam picnic spots places to see in jharkhand patratu ghati patratu dam jharkhand tourism tourist in jharkhand patratu thermal power station patratu valley vlog patratu valley bike ride patratu lake resort Valley Travel ranchi tourism jharkhand tourism pahari baba patratu lake resort patratu valley ranchi patratu dam ranchi patratu valley jharkhand patratu valley vlog patratu dam ka video scenic view of patratu patratu valley to ranchi distance patratu valley bike ride patratu lake patratu dam jharkhand patratu dam ranchi jharkhand jharkhand tourism video patratu ghati ranchi patratu valley picnic spot patratu valley ranchi jharkhand ranchi to patratu valley patratu valley video travel vlog patratu dam ka patratu ghati jharkhand zig zag valley in ranchi patratu ghati ka video patratu ranchi how to reach patratu valley from ranchi पतरातू घाटी patratu jharkhand patratu ghati ramgar jharkhand ranchi patratu patratu valley and dam ranchi valley jharkhand ka sabse khubsurat place patratu fun in valley patratu ride top places to visit in ranchi ranchi patratu ghati video how to gowing patratu ghati ramgarh patratu valley patratu valley road trip patratu ghati trip पतरातू places to visit in ranchi jharkhand पतरातु थर्मल पावर प्लांट patratu ghati vlogs


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