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Title:Fantasy Island - S02E18- Pentagram & A Little Ball & Casting Director - Aired 17 February 1979

"Pentagram": Jane Garwood, a TV reporter who feels that she might be cursed when her relationships start dying one by one, visits Mr Roarke for help in finding out why this is happening to her and in the process putting Roarke's life in danger. "A Little Ball": Sister Mary Theresa visits the Island after the premature death of a fellow nun tests her faith, but when she meets up with an old friend finds herself having to decide between the church and marriage. "Casting Couch": Felix Birdsong arrives on the Island to fulfill a fantasy to be in show business by being the casting director of a new film called "The Most Beautiful Woman In The World" being produced by one of his idols. In the process finds himself in over his head and learning some home truths about the business and his idol, while also finding romance. Written by Garrett Fallah (imdb)

Phyllis Davis, Lisa Hartman, Florence Henderson, Don Knott, Cesar Romero , John Saxon, Abe Vigoda, Edward Grove, Ben Davidson, Francine Gabe, Victoria Wells, Linda Kendall, Suzanne Copeland

This one will get you...
donprivett5 April 2013 (imdb)
Three stories in this episode and just the right mix of sentiment, comedy and charm. Roarke plays both the man in danger and the mystery solver. Highly recommended. In keeping with the series theme, Roarke had a strong moral code, but he was always merciful. He usually tried to teach his guests important life lessons through the medium of their fantasies, frequently in a manner that exposes the errors of their ways, and on occasions when the island hosted terminally ill guests he would allow them to live out one last wish. Roarke's fantasies were not without peril, but the greatest danger usually came from the guests themselves; in some cases people actually got themselves killed due to their own negligence, aggression or arrogance. When necessary, Roarke would directly intervene when the fantasy became dangerous to the guest.

Carol Brady's Black Mass
stones7815 July 2015 (imdb)
This review will basically cover the story titled "Pentagram", which stars Florence Henderson, and is the better segment as well. For a welcome change, she plays it mostly serious this time as a television reporter who thinks an evil curse was put on her. The other story, "Casting Director", had a better cast which included Don Knotts, Abe Vigoda, Phyllis Davis, who was the best performer, and Cesar Romero. The problem is that there wasn't that much to do with their talents, so to me, it was kind of a throwaway story compared to the other one. If you've read my other Fantasy Island reviews, you may know that I have a preference for the darker segments, like "Pentagram", and while it wasn't as dark as I would've liked, it had that creepy 70's charm. There were some cool shots of a cobra, a car chase in the dark, and a black mass in the woods. The only aspect that was disappointing was the obvious stunt double for Ricardo Montalban, as it looked nothing like him. Allow me to mention a rather sweet moment, when Tattoo mentions to Jane Garwood(Henderson)that Mr. Rourke was the only person who accepted him as he is, and he loves him very much for that, and wants nothing bad to happen to him(Mr. Rourke),as he helps Jane battle who's trying to kill her; Rourke thinks it's wise to go undercover as her lover in order to find out who's stalking her. I have to wonder if Herve Villechaize felt this way in real life towards Montalbon. Anyway, it was interesting watching Henderson play it straight for a change, and that added to this episode.


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