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Title:Tenali Rama - Ep 677 - Full Episode - 5th February 2020

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Episode 677: Amrapali Joins The Khelotsav
Amrapali is ashamed of witnessing her trained people failing at Khelotsav. Bhaskar advises her to participate in the games herself and win for Vijaynagar. Meanwhile, when Prayankar enters the royal palace to meet the queen, a big, strong man stops him. He happens to be the queen’s brother, who has come for her protection.

About Tenali Rama:
The show traces the journey of a 20-year-old boy, Tenali Rama who dreams of becoming rich and famous but is too lazy to pursue his dreams. When Tenali gets forced into marriage and is compelled to earn a living, a revered saint asks him to go to the temple of the village and recite a specific mantra. Tenali does as he is told and Goddess Kali appears in front of Rama with a bowl of milk and bowl of curd asking him to pick one but Tenali ends up tasting both leaving Kali furious. Later, Tenali reasons out by explaining that what is the use of one without the other. Goddess Kali gets impressed by his wit and says he will become a Vaikatavi, a jesting poet in Krishnadevarayas court. Tenali Rama leaves for Hampi with a desire to become a part of Rayas court.
This popular series narrates the journey of Tenali who solves cases with his timely wit and intelligence due to which he becomes very popular in the Kings court.

Krishna Bharadwaj as Pandit Ramakrishna
Pankaj Berry as Rajguru Acharya Tathacharya
Manav Gohil as Krishnadevaraya
Priyamvada Kant as Sharda
Nimisha Vakharia as Laxmi
Sonia Sharma as Chinnadevi
Priyanka Singh as Tirumalamba
Jiten Mukhi as Mahamantri Timmarusu
Jitendra Pathak as Nagar Kotwal
Deepak Dutt Sharma as Gundappa
Sohit Vijay Soni as Mani
Sanjay manghnani as Dhani
Neha Chauhan as Varunmala

Concept and Broad Story/Script Head: Manikya Raju Uppaluri
Story/Screenplay: Timir Baxi
Dialogues: Rajat Vyas
Research: Dr. Ram Swarth Mehta
Themes and Background Music: Souvyk Chakraborty
Editor: Waseed Hussain, Rajesh Inder Berwal, Ayaz Ahmed Shadab(Online)
Script Supervisor: Rishi Shrivastava
VFX Supervisor: Bharat Mistry, Nishikant Mohapatra
Stylist: Nidhi Yasha
Head of Production: Prince Bhumihar
Production Team: Amit Kumar(S.P), Sidhant Victor(E.P),Amit(P.C)
Head of Operations: Anup Vijay
Business Head: Manish Pupat
Creative Head: Tushar Bhardwaj, Varshaa Lallwani
Post Production Head: Rahul R. Patwa
Creative Director: Deekshit Kaul
Cinematographer: Nishi Chandra
Programming Team (SAB): Shantanu Agarwal, Vinod Rao, Leanne Demelo, Shubham Jain
On-Air Promotion: SAB OAP
Directed By: Mukesh Kumar Singh, Dilshad Ansari
Project Head: Nitish Ranjan
Producers: Abhimanyu Singh, Roopali Kadyan
Produced By: Contiloe Pictures



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