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Title:Foreshadowing of Anakin's turn to the Dark side in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Music: Hi-Finesse - Andromeda Composer: Erich Lee It is a bit constructed, for example about those visions and what happened on Mortis, it was all solved at the end. The Father basically told Anakin that he brought the balance to that world (because they all died, the sister, the son and the father) and with his dying breath tried to warn him and to "beware of his heart". But I used it here because it kind of fits. In the end, I think in Season 6 it was more clear why Anakin joined Sidious. He snapped on Rush Clovis and Padmé felt his jealousy, but in the end, understood his concerns because Clovis turned out to be bad (got tricked by Dooku). Also, he was doing some dark stuff already, originating from the death of his mother and when Ahsoka left, he had only Padmé who would understand him on the emotional level. Also, Ahsoka had been revived on Mortis by The Daughter - a light wielder basically - who probably kept him at bay. So after that he had pretty much noone except Obi-Wan who could relate to him in some way and Padmé who I mentioned earlier. However Obi-Wan was a Jedi and he kept losing trust to Jedi Council and once he had the vision of Padmé's death, the priorities were set for him. Also, the pacing is different, there is a slum in the middle where I had no idea how to cut it in an interesting fashion until 1:29 where it hits the fan and it gets more energetic. Lastly, I guess there are many more ways to show him becoming more dark, like in Season 2 with the Satine arc where he impales the dude who had a bomb trigger from behind. I have one more idea for a video but I think it will take some months before I make it. I find The Clone Wars not having enough "deeper" material for the kind of videos I would like to make.


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