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Title:Faki Party Taxi 3: Motorbike Hunt Fail 🇹🇿

■ TANZANIA, ZANZIBAR: Before leaving Zanzibar almost 2 months ago, I learnt that the World Gongo Hunting Champion of 2021; Mr. Faki Party Taxi, did not actually own a motorbike. The ones he'd been driving me around on were rented from others. This is common on Zanzibar. The Rickshaw drivers I've spoken to also do this. Not one of them have said he owns his vehicle. Instead they rent them for 15 000 Tanzanian shilling per day. They spend another 15 000 on gasoline. Anything above 30 000 is thus profits. After confirming that Faki was also doing this, by having the bartender call him to ask about where he had bought his motorbike, I tried to find a motorbike dealer. But that's easier said than done in Zanzibar. Type motorbike dealer into Google maps and you get some results, but when you go to those shops not a single one of them actually have motorbikes for sale. I hence gave up and decided to enlist Faki himself for help. Surely he'd know where to buy one. I thus had my friend call him up again to tell Faki that I wanted to buy a motorbike for myself so as to keep it a surprise (that it was actually for him). The next day he drove to my hotel and said there was a shop that had TVS motorbikes for sale. So off we went.... OTHER EPISODES WITH FAKI PARTY ■ Gongo Hunt: https://youtu.be/Oo6pQQpVnSw ■ No, SH%T: https://youtu.be/uPIY8WpXkVQ ■ Thank you SO MUCH everyone who watched this series from Tanzania and a special THANK YOU to everyone who helped out with Emi's fundraiser. You guys are the absolute greatest YouTube audience I could've ever wished for. The women you met in my previous video started crying when Emi told them the news and they said they just could not believe that random people around the world have shown so much love for them and are now going to help them build their own mill! If you wish to follow the progress of the Boma you can do so through Emi's instagram: www.instagram.com/MAaSAI_COOP/


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