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Title:Wanda Tells Agatha how Got Her Power to Create New Vision and Westview Scene [No BGM] | WandaVision

Agatha Harkness interrogates Wanda Maximoff, demanding to know how she is controlling Westview. Agatha forces Wanda to reveal key moments in her life, including when she and her brother Pietro were trapped next to an unexploded bomb the day their parents died. In this memory, Agatha deduces that Wanda was born a witch who engaged in hex magic as a child, as seen when Wanda inadvertently uses a simple probability hex to prevent the bomb from going off. In the next memory, Wanda watches as she is experimented on by Hydra using the Infinity Stone. When she approached the stone, it reacted to her presence, expanding her potential magical abilities and showing her a vision of an apparition, the Scarlet Witch. Wanda then shows her first fond memory of Vision when they lived at the Avengers Compound, discussing grief. After Vision's death, Wanda visited S.W.O.R.D. to recover his body. Director Tyler Hayward showed her the disassembled remains but refused to hand Vision over. Wanda drove to a run-down lot in Westview that Vision had bought for them, intending to live there together. Overwhelmed with grief, she used her powers to create a house on the lot, manifest a new version of Vision, and extended her spell across the entire town, turning it into black-and-white. How do you think Wanda's power came from? Do you think she was born to be the Scarlet Witch? How do you feel about Agatha's power? Did you find any mistakes or plotholes? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Share your opinion with the world in the comment section below. I put the video in 4K and removed the background music score to help you focus thoroughly on CGI and SFX. 0:00 | Agatha Harkness Forces Wanda Maximoff to Reveal Key Moments in Her Life 1:01 | Wanda Maximoff and Her Brother Pietro Were Trapped Next to An Unexploded Bomb [Their Parents Dies] 2:34 | Wanda Maximoff Is Experimented on By Hydra Using the Infinity Stone 3:32 | Wanda Maximoff Shows Her First Fond Memory of Vision [the Avengers Compound] 4:37 | Wanda Maximoff Visits S.W.O.R.D. to Recover Vision's Body 6:35 | Wanda Maximoff Drives to A Run-Down Lot in Westview 7:37 | Wanda Maximoff Creates a House on The Lot and Extends Her Spell Across the Entire Town 8:04 | Wanda Maximoff Creates a New Version of Vision 9:15 | More Scenes [The Original Show] WandaVision | Season 1 | Episode 8 | Previously On Aired: February 26, 2021 Creator: Jac Schaeffer Director: Matt Shakman Writer: Jac Schaeffer Stars: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn IMDB: 8.0 of 10 based on 219,577 users www.imdb.com/title/tt9140560/ © 2021 MARVEL © 2021 Disney Entertainment #WandaVision #Wanda #AgathaHarkness #Agnes #ScarletWitch #Vision #DirectorTylerHayward


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