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Title:Glee Season 2 Opening Credits - Version B (Fan-made)

Hello everyone!

It took a long time but it's finally here, my version of what I think the season 2 opening credits would have looked like for Glee. It takes pretty much the same format as the previous season, with some little things added. As for the previous season, I only used the first couple of episodes (the first three in this case) of season 2 to create this, as I feel like that's what they would have had access to if they had actually made an opening credits for the show. Of course I used footage from all across season 1, and some shots are actually reused from the season 1 opening. I decided I could reuse stuff when the characters didn't change much physically, especially when those shots were iconic (like Cory in Don't Stop Believin', or Mr. Schue creeping behind the lockers).

As you may have seen in the title, this is Version B, which means a version A exists (it's already on here https://youtu.be/vPaktlt-osY). That's because there were a few shots I really wanted to use that I felt gave away some plot elements or just destroyed the element of surprise. I then decided that version A would have been used for episodes 1-2, and version B for episodes 3 onward. I then could use a Britney number, Quinn in her cheerleading apparel and Will trying to impress Emma. I feel like seeing Quinn in her cheerleading outfit in the opening credits before knowing she was back on would have been a little bit of a giveaway, and seeing Brittany in a Britney costume would have completely spoiled the element of surprise for that number.

I used Don't Stop Believin' again, but I merged it with the Regionals version. I made it a little bit longer to make room for the three new main cast members for this season.

I really hope you enjoyed it!

I don't own any videos, picture or music used in this video. Those were used in a creative way to imagine what might have been if they had decided to give Glee an opening credit.


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