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Title:The REAL Battle from We Were Soldiers - Ia Drang 65 (2/2) - Massacre at LZ Albany

Play World of Warships here: wo.ws/3SItpyt Thank you World of Warships for sponsoring this video. During registration use the code BRAVO to get for free: -500 doubloons -1.5 million credits -7 Days Premium Account time -Free of choice USS Phoenix, Japanese cruiser Kuma, French battleship Courbet, Italian battleship Dante Alighieri, or the HMS Wakeful after you complete 15 battles Applicable to new users only. After the near massacre at LZ X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley, General Westmoreland does not want to give the impression of defeat and retreat to the NVA or the US press, and so orders a march on foot out into the jungle to secure two new LZs. With exhausted men having just fought for several days against the NVA, the advance is not treated with the tactical rigidity it deserves, and the North Vietnamese move to ambush in the jungle. Link to Part 1 - https://youtu.be/6i4zLTiwTWA My "Group Captain" tier Patreons vote on my next video subject. If you'd like to have your say on my next video, please check out my Patreon at the link below: www.patreon.com/TheOperationsRoom twitter.com/The_Ops_Room Special thanks to my Patreons: Mohammed S, kevin sarn, Cooper M, Kevin Shirah, Jon ONeill, Matt Busch, PorscheGuardian, James McInnes, AllHailThurston, Salty Liquorice, Kallister, Grumpy Guy, Madm4nmaX, Warfare Mastery Institute, Striker, Ian Malik, Matthew Brenner, Brian Johnson, ares, Christian Paffhausen, andrew verhulst, SpartacusDMR , Halldór Friðrik, Giovanrus, Thomas Mulhern, jiminyhopkins, Alexey Guzey, Alan St (LowKeyTrickster), Kyle Hill, Daniel Ohlsen, Nick S, Heavy Cruiser Takao, Joe Nobody, Daniel Masovic, Carlos Andino, Mike Wass, William Sherlock, Bartosz Milewski, Floyd Rocker, Jeffrey Yen, Tristan Sarles, Nicolai E. G, Nate Graham, Douglas Foulds, WeatherRaptor58, Tommy Truong, Eric Gagnon, Sean Bao-Han Rogers, Tadwinks , PBRstreetgang, Tactical_Jackal , Shawn Heidrich, Colin Stachowski, Koko Sabre, Steven Leach, Casey Ross, Thomas Wang, Travis Metzger, Eric Bolks, big mike, Tim Storey, Doug Poland, carmakazi, Luis Martinez, Sami Koivuluoma, Muj Rahman, John Smith, Lasse Pedersen, Arthur Morgan, scott carson, Christopher Vance, Grant McFarland, ned hulton, Eddy Gurge, Andrew Rodman, Will Coward, Mark D, Aaron M Love, Dean Winger, Micah Falcon, lokiju , Blair Bunke, SkytechCEO , Tom Cho, Siddharth Ahuwalia, dan, Gregory DeMaria, Fredrick Wilson Nordby, TopiaSR, Jeffery Barnes, Aaron Roberts, Bryant Miano, Dave Lombard, Luke Graham, Leo Maltoni, Thomas Burton, Richard Woodard, John Harrison Herndon, Nicole Johnson, Abusemtex , Jackie Carson, Blitz the Durr, Connor Kunihiro, Kurt Fox, Darius Cosby, Matt Gonzales, Warren Rudkin, Hunter Thor, Hanne Kortegaard Støchkel, Geir Morten Soerensen, bascommander , Richard Bejtlich, Innominate , Olufemi Adediwura, Jack Mermod, e , UnicornStampede, Michael C, Marcelo Avila, HT, Aaron, Bodo Nuber, Alexander K Leach, Gaute , Kristian Klibo, Manfred Breuner, Wolfgang Seitz, Bill Luster, Christopher Cardona, Mark L., Johan West, The Man They Call Asher, Flavio Ribeiro, Kelson Ball, omega21 , Alex Pickworth, Robby Gottesman, imfromthe808 , John Smaha, Chris Roybal Music: www.purple-planet.com/ Top down figures courtesy of Grantovich, check him out here: www.patreon.com/Grantovich


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