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Title:New Referees MUST WATCH: Wired Official | Micd Referee Video | Basketball Referee Training

Purpose of this exercise: Introduce newer officials to language and communication used: pregame w captains, 00:00 Start 00:16 Captains Meeting 01:00 pregame with coaches, 02:00 pregame with table crew. 02:46 Jump Ball administration 00:00 In game with players, in game with partner, in game with coaches, in game with table crew. As a newer official, maybe you can glean some ideas about how to communicate with partner/ table/ coaches/ players. Also note mechanics. I'll stand by just about all of it. Please ignore the walk and talk when reporting. If you can take one or two things from the video it will have been worth it! Keep up the good work. -------------------- Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, add any comments or questions, but also any processes that have helped to on these plays. If you have any questions about what I've covered today then ask me in the YouTube comments, or ▽ Contact me ➞ Website abetterofficial.com/contact ➞ Twitter twitter.com/betterofficials @betterofficials ➞ FaceBook www.facebook.com/beabetterofficial/ ➞ Blog abetterofficial.com/blog ➞ Email hello@abetterofficial.com Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more videos to improve your skills as a basketball official. See you in the next Video As always, keep working hard to become A Better Official. ▽ Music Credits ➞ Afrola / Artist: Bird Creek You want to be a better basketball official, right? We can help! We will provide weekly play analysis and training videos that can make you a better official. We constantly strive to get into the officials manual, as mechanics are key to becoming a good official! Rules knowledge is essential if you are to become an official who GETS THE CALL RIGHT! In addition, we'll provide some tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. Subscribe now and join the fun! Basketball referee training, how are you good to see you happy new year oh man good to see you flying solo gentlemen it's good to see you happy new year we're speaking for black number 32 20 • leaders of your team • sportsmanship and leadership at all times • white shirts talking to white shirts • black shirts talking to black shirts • no crosstalk let's have a good ballgame good luck good to see you good eye ball one that's nice the look here's the deal obviously the benches are here coaches orange orange you can be up coaching your kids stay away from my table yes this is a no determination of the coaching of the of the bench area that's set by game administration you don't like players near the table if it interferes but we're happy you are short so we're good there focus every time about 30 or 4 if you have a cluster right there that growth is dead now and I know you're both filming you get a copy of the game there's a DVD in college all right I'll be great fantastic I like good luck all right you're my shot clock operator? When the ball goes in the basket we're going to reset the shot clock, but hold until I throw on our throwing that's where it's touched inbounds by any player. to touch skin bounds are going to start the shot clock all right rebound or hits the rim now we got a rebound now we're going to wait till somebody's holding the ball all right your timing my time ask for me go man Kelly gymnasium it should give us a hole with 15 to go go one minute between pores is like a 60 second timeout let's say three everybody ready all right fellas straight up one five I got white five o'clock side one so the clock stopped back there right you stopped the clock don't stop the clock till we tell you all right Sadler right here Oh spot needle reset ready right 13 May 15 o'clock - he came forward he's paying forward nice shot three seconds


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