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Title:Anastasia/Quasimodo - We Hit A Wall

Songs: 'Forgotten September' by Two Steps From Hell & 'We Hit A Wall' by Chelsea Wolfe

Story: It seems that the siblings Anastasia and Quasimodo Tremaine have been born under some viciously unlucky stars. Despite belonging to a family of a noble title and quite some means, they are slighted by everyone, including their strict parents - because of their perceived ugliness.
Both Anastasia and Quasimodo are invited (albeit much later than the custom requires) to the exclusive societies for the offspring of nobility. On the morning of the appointed day they receive a malicious note signed ‘True Nobles’ that tells them that they might never dream of being truly accepted into those societies. To make matters worse, Quasimodo unwittingly disturbs his father when the latter is in the company of his gypsy mistress (a ploy of his dear mother). Nobody but the housemaid (who also overhears them discussing the note) seems to care about their feelings.
In the evening, both Anastasia and Quasimodo get into hot water at their respective receptions. They stumble upon each other in the heart of a sleeping city and decide to run away. After hours of roaming the vast forest, they take shelter for the night in a forgotten flour mill.
Unbeknownst to them, their housemaid is no mere servant. She is their fairy godmother who’d taken a disguise to see for herself how well (or how badly) her charges were faring. That night, she grants their wish to be accepted - to never be called ugly again - and bestows the gift of beauty on the siblings.
Anastasia and Quasimodo wake up to find that they both look very different. At first they even barely recognise each other; later in the day, as they walk the forest again, Quasimodo suggests that they try their luck at their parental home again.
The siblings get back to their house, surprising the impostor housemaid and stunning their parents. Lord and Lady Tremaine, however, are perfectly willing to accept them, now that they are so good-looking. The only trouble they have is how to explain this sudden change to their neighbourhood. This is solved by blaming the siblings’s previous ‘ugliness’ on the witchcraft by a certain gypsy. She is burned at the stake, which horrifies the siblings. They never wanted anyone to pay such a terrible price for their unexpected stroke of fortune.
Disgusted by their parents and the fellow townsfolk, Anastasia and Quasimodo return to the flour mill. There, they meet the fairy godmother again and ask her to get them back their own appearances.

Additional story points:
- Odette and Phoebus are siblings, too - belonging to the de la Cygne family;
- Gaston is more than just a friend to Phoebus;
- Frollo committed suicide within a couple of days of Esmeralda’s execution;
- Anastasia and Quasimodo never set foot in their hometown again.
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