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Title:[Eng Sub] Bazaar interview with The Untamed actors: Mid-Autumn Festival Special (130919)

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Bazaar interview with Untamed Cast (130919)

[Note: there's a random gibberish somewhere at 1:55, kindly ignore that 😂
Also, the last subtitle should be "dog food" and not "dog poop"... My brain was already not working properly by then haha]

The craziest 8-men bunch made me translate until my mind was literally spinning... I kept laughing so hard HAHA
For me Cao YuChen was totally a mood in this interview, I barely saw him in other interviews but he is truly hilarious 😂😂

Let me know what comment and whose interaction you guys loved the most!! Mine was probably YuChen x JiLi, they are both so hilarious hahahahaha

"Is Big Brother made of Lego?" and "I have a long reflex arc... As long as 5KM??" just killed me ahahaha

Because I feel that their nicknames used in the video can be quite confusing at times, I decided to create this legend here...

CASTS and their Nicknames:

1. Wang HaoXuan 王皓轩 (Xue yang 薛洋) - Yangyang

2. Cao YuChen 曹煜辰 (Jin ZiXuan 金子轩) - Pusa (Buddha follower), JieFu (Brother in law, in JC's and WWX's point of view since he married their sister Jiang Yanli)

3.Ji Li 纪李 (Nie HuaiSang 聂怀桑) - Nie-dao (The series of events that occurred after 16 years was "directed" by him, so they call him Director Nie) Watch the bus video here: https://m.weibo.cn/2328733512/4408145...

4.Guo Cheng 郭丞 (Lan JingYi 蓝景仪) - No nickname used. Watch the disco video here: https://m.weibo.cn/3054465544/4400887...

5.Yu Bin 于斌 (Wen Ning 温宁) - No nickname used

6.Wang ZhuoCheng 汪卓成 (Jiang Cheng 江澄) - JiuJiu (Uncle, in Jin Ling's point of view), Shidi (Little disciple brother, in WWX's point of view)

7. Zhu ZanJin 朱赞锦 (Jin GuangYao 金光瑶) - ZanZan, Ah Yao, Yao-mei (Little sister Yao... I don't know why though haha)

8. Qi PeiXin 漆培鑫 (Jin Ling 金凌) - No nickname used

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