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Title:Prometheus Script Reveals TRUTH about Engineers, Black Goo and Deacon

I recently enjoyed reading the script for the movie Prometheus and I found many interesting details that I wanted to share with you. Script [UPDATED LINK]: docplayer.net/54299743-Prometheus-by-damon-lindelo… The script is more or less the same as the movie, however, many scenes and dialogues are extended and reveal TRUTH about Engineers, their origins and home world, why they created humans and also about the nature and the true purpose of the black goo. The script is over 150 pages so I’m only going over things that are not included in the movie and there Aare lots of them which is why the video is pretty long but it’s totally worth it since we finally get answers for basically everything. All engineer dialogs and writings in the script are translated so we are getting a clear understanding things without over theorizing. The script is written by Damon Lindelof and the awakened engineer is referred in conversations as the Last Engineer. THE ELDER Take this. This is the blood of our lord. For we cannot create as the gift was stripped from us long ago. As always we will continue our attempts to create a perfect Eden much like our own. You, the chosen one will create it in your own image. Let your body become the dirt. Your blood become the waters. And may your soul become their way back to us There are lots of interesting details that are brought up in this dialog. First we learn that the substance in the sealed cup is the blood of their lord which really intrigued me when I first read it. I wouldn’t say the substance is completely gold in the movie, however it certainly has some golden shades. But most importantly we get a confirmation that it’s not the black go. Another thing is that the elder was thousands of years old. All of these new elements are addressed later in the script so we will get back to them. DAVID reads in engineer language Only the chosen can pass through. This is sacred ground and must be kept sacred. If you dare to cross into sacred ground you must be punished. This is the birth place of our lord and no being is worthy Holloway arrives around the BACK of the monument and shines his light up at another MURAL which has been embedded on the wall. A strange BEING unlike any ENGINEER is drawn on the MURAL. It has it's arms out in a cross. Around the MURAL it shows an IMAGE of an engineer being ATTACKED and impregnated by some NASTY looking OCTOPUS type CREATURE. The being with it's arms stretched out is a bipedal POINTY-HEADED creature - the first “DEACON”. DAVID (Engineer language) Our lord came from the chosen one in the time when our ancestors birthed life. His sacred blood was our salvation. His sacred blood through our lips birthed life on other worlds. DAVID I am not entirely certain, but I believe the humanoid seen being attacked orally gave birth to this being and your Engineers worshiped it. I believe what is ever inside these capsules might be some kind of experiment. If my translation is correct then they were trying to recreate the blood of this being whom they worshiped. Recall that the elder engineer said in the beginning: "we cannot create as the gift was stripped from us long ago. As always we will continue our attempts to create a perfect Eden much like our own." Despite the fact that engineers could live for thousands of years, they were slowly dying off and their only way to prevent extinction was to seed with life other planets using the blood of the first deacon. They were traveling through space seeding planets with life in an attempt to recreate their homewolrd, but the blood of the first deacon was running out. It appears that these beings can live up to three hundred thousand years old. They use to be able to mate with each other just like humans. But somewhere in their late history they evolved and lost the ability to both mate and reproduce. But before they did they found a creature that impregnated one of them with a foreign body. A creature came from him. They called it the Deacon. They worshiped this deacon and after it's death they used its blood to plant the seeds of life on other worlds. The blood ran out of course but they tried to recreate the gene pool of this Deacon's blood but they instead created something else. That is what I brought back with me, sir. Much later in the script when Weyland, David, shaw and some other crew members approach the sleeping engineer, David explains that dispite the fact the black goo was the failed attempt of clonning the blood of the first deacon, engineers realized it’s potential for weapons. Atlantis by Audionautix (audionautix.com/) is part of the YouTube Audio Library (youtube.com/audiolibrary/...) and it's licensed under a Creative Commons license (creativecommons.org/licenses/...).


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