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Title:Ghost Train II: The Clinchfield Curse - The Movie (Director's Cut)

Welp, here we are, after a long time of waiting, and with me constantly double to triple to quadruple to beyond checking/editing every little detail in the parts/credits of this film, along with, many infinite failed uploads and with the celebration of Glen's 10th Anniversary, here it is the long-awaited film, The Clinchfield Curse. This was a lot of fun working on this all the same, not just the editing, but having to be a part of this film as Gordon's Driver. I mean, I know it was a small role and all, but I'm just as glad that Glen let me feature my voice talents in this project.

I also want to give commemorations to the cast of this film, including, Madison and Liz, for providing the voices of the Innocent/Demon versions of 311, Glen, for being our main man behind all this, and his many voices of Timothy, Jason, Scotsman, etc, Shine, for assisting Glen on adapting his fanfic and the voices of Louise, Mary Anne, and Mirabel, as well as narrating this beast of a film, Dom, for providing an excellent job on voicing Thomas, as usual, along with Oliver, the China Clay Twins, and Edward's crew, Jarrod aka FavoriteArtMan, for providing Peter Sam's vocals, but making this his last project until his return in 2019 the day after my 5th Anniversary on YouTube, David, T1E2H3, and Fletcher returning with the roles they provided, and all the surprising roles provided by Matt aka EE93, Seth, Sudrian Metalhead, Victor Tanzig, Borys, CaptianLeoLionHeart, Justine, Liam, Kira, Michael, and John for their commemorate work they all did.

In fact, I think I can say from all of us, we all appreciate with you Glen, for having to not only being a part of this wonderful project but for bringing all of us together in a film for generations to come. And here's hoping the next films will be as grand as this film for next year, which I should also announce that Glen not only mentioned about his next film, "The Bridge of Doom," but he has released the title for the third film called, "Ghost Train III: The Weeping Engine," which will be surrounded around the OC ship of Timothy and an OC Character created by Carlie aka burntuakrisp named, Penny. For more information on the character, talk with burntuakrisp about the character and you'll be able to get more information about her, but in any case, I can't wait to see what this upcoming film will have in store, and in with that being said, I hope you enjoy this massive project once again, and here's hoping where Glen may go in future projects, until then, Happy Columbus Day to all wherever they are, and until then, I'm SamTheTheThomasFan2 saying, hope you enjoy the "official" full version of, The Clinchfield Curse, and I'll see you all until the next video.

NOTE: This video also celebrates over 10 Years of Kanefan701's time with us, and I'm hoping to see with what happens next soon, who knows, maybe if we're lucky, we might just be able to see Glen reach up to 20th Anniversary. That I might be looking forward to.

NOTE 2: To those who are questioning the song that played before, Long Black Train, in the credits, the song is called, "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing feat. William Beckett" by Set It Off. I also want to thank my friend, The Friendly Anon, for getting me into the song and the band itself, and I want to mention I might make a music video for the film featuring this song if any of you are interested in that idea or not. I'll provide links to the song if your interested in listening to the song, but just to want to let you all know, some of the songs, Set It Off, may contain some swearing if you can handle it.

NOTE 3: Sorry for some of the quality during the end being low quality, this is what would happen when you try to upload this movie with the "high quality" mode on iMovie, hopefully, you all can try to deal with this, seeing as how this was one of the biggest projects I've edited, once again.

NOTE 4: I know this seems like overkill and all, and seeing as his passing was over 2 months ago, but these videos will be my second and last video dedicated to, Stefan Karl Stefansson. Even though seeing how its too much all, but I just can't stop loving how much that man has done to many lives!

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing feat. William Beckett:

Original Version: https://youtu.be/hwyAkd5oOG4
Piano Version: https://youtu.be/FVCcQbAC_l4

Thumbnail by EngineNumber14 on DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/enginenumb...

Link to Poster/Thumbnail: https://www.deviantart.com/enginenumb...

Rated PG-13/12A

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