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Title:Mariya Takeuchi 竹内 まりや Plastic Love


Singer : Mariya Takeuchi
Track : Plastic Love
Album : VARIETY ( 1984 )
Record Label : @ Alfa Moon
Photographer : Alan Levenson - http://alanlevenson.com

Producer : Tatsuro Yamashita
Songwriter : Mariya Takeuchi

I own nothing shown in the video! Everything here goes to their respective owners.

Months after the takedown, Plastic Love has been fully restored! And it's all thanks to Alan's willingness to negotiate and tell me more about the case, and Stevem's support throught this journey. Please keep a civil discussion here and try not getting too off-topic.

Explaining the situation : Alan tried contacting me about the use of the picture, since he already had a messy history with Warner Bros regarding the picture, and all he wanted was to be credited, however I was absent and did not respond to any of his messages, resulting in Alan filling a copyright claim against the video. He did not know that once he filled the copyright strike, the video would be removed.

Once the video was removed, Alan faced a lot of harassment and insults. I'll say it right here - although you might not agree with his actions, you should still respect him as a person, and quite clearly a lot of people did not, I even saw some of those messages. This is certainly not okay and painted a bad image on what Plastic Love fans are.

Initially Alan thought I was the one behind the threats, however as we spoke I made it clear I wasn't, and he was shown to be a really nice guy, undeserving of all what was being thrown at him. After a few conversations and trade of information we've settled an agreement, and currently he has removed the claim and YouTube has restored the video.

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Original comment :

I do not own the music or the photo! If you want to purchase the song or album, Mariya's digital media is available through iTunes, and a physical CD can be purchased online on websites ( ebay, amazon, etc )


If you want to see more of the photographer's work, check it out at alanlevenson.com
( old description archive )

1 year of plastic love!!

Full 7 min version of this cool 80's japanese song.

Plastic Love, by Mariya Takeuchi. Album "VARIETY" ( 1984 )

I got the audio a day before the original video was taken down, so I decided to make justice and re-upload it myself. This might be taken down too, who knows for sure.

UPDATE : they've allowed me to keep the video as long as I can't take AD revenue from it, we're safe for now!

edit : 1 million views! amazing!
edit 2 : 6 million views... awesome


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