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Title:Team Fortress Classic: Its Development, Gameplay, and Legacy

One of the classes this quarter was "Game Genre Analysis", where students had to choose a video game and give a 30-minute presentation educating the rest of the class about it. I wasn't actually enrolled in the class, but the professor agreed to let me present anyway. :D

Team Fortress Classic is a hugely influential title in gaming history, but sadly not a lot of people know about it these days. Anyone aspiring to become a game developer (especially for shooters) owes it to themselves to research this game at least a little.

Link to the shoutcast I briefly showed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOyGG...

Two things I want to note; someone afterward asked why I said Hunted was flag-based; I forgot to mention my point there, that the Civilian is basically someone getting to play as the flag. Also, Ahmet, who was briefly mentioned, is making the kickass multiplayer game Magebrawl and you should definitely check out what he's doing: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211512031

Special thanks to Professor Erin Swink and everyone at the UCSC Games & Playable Media department!
Update: TFC player byteau has noted a couple errors in this presentation:
- Nailguns (Including scout and spy), nail grenades, and railguns are commonly used to take out SGs
- People commonly use the detpack at the enemy gates a few seconds before the round starts
-the dispenser is usually put on capture points so that the engineer can blow up the flag carrier before they cap
- Plenty of people play spy, If you're good at bunnyhopping you can avoid enemies and go straight for the SGs
- The hallucination grenade creates phantom grenades, not enemies
- You also forgot to mention frag jumping (priming a grenade so it explodes underneath you and send you flying through the air).

0:00​ Introduction
0:26​ Quake Team Fortress
1:50​ TFC Origins & Overview
5:37​ TFC Design Philosophy
7:35​ Map types
13:04​ TFC Classes
24:12​ History of TFC Community/Esports
29:11​ Fortress Forever
30:27​ After TFC
34:41​ Legacy of TFC

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