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Title:[ENG] "나 적응 다 됐어요~" 일타강사 국진쌤 명품샷의 향연, 근데 어째 퍼팅이..?ㅋㅋㅋ [김구라의 뻐꾸기 골프 TV] 10-2화

"I'm all familiar with it now~" The best coach Kim Gukjin's great shots, but what's up with his putting? lol [Kim Gura's Cuckoo Golf TV] Ep.10-2 #Golf #Kim_Gukjin #Kim_Gura #GolfTV #Kim_Gukjin_Golf *This video contains paid advertisement for Kakao VX. Hello, Cuckoo golf TV subscribers! That's the Kim Gukjin that we know. The gentleman on the field, Sir Kim Gukjin. People said that he can change the level of difficulty depending on who he's going against It was not a lie. Not forgetting his role as an entertainer, he made the viewers all anxious in the last episode. Now, he's demonstrating his actual skills in this episode. I hope you don't miss the one-point lessons from the best coach, Kim Gukjin, during the match and hope you guys enjoy this episode until the end. Thanks for you interest and love Please like, subscribe, and set the notification alarm! Production : SH enter & company Business inquiry : guragolf@sandbox.co.kr / SANDBOX Network


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