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Title:শেঠ গঙ্গারামের ধনদৌলত//The Treasures of Seth Gangaram//Satyajit Ray// Short Audio Story//Tarinikhuro

শেঠ গঙ্গারামের ধনদৌলত or "The Treasures of Seth Gangaram" is a short story by the legendary Satyajit Roy based on the adventures of fictional character, Tarinicharan Banerjee or Tarinikhuro as he is popularly known. Tarinicharan Banerjee is a septuagenarian who has had numerous amazing experiences throughout his life from fighting a duel to hunting man-eaters, the list goes on. In this particular short story, he is the secretary of a Maharaja of an erstwhile colonial state of Rajasthan. Seth Gangaram-the Maharaja of the estate has a notorious young son, Mahabir, Tarini has to double as his teacher too. All hell breaks loose when one night bandits lay siege on Gangaram's castle and Tarini's face strangely has a strong resemblance with their leader, Tota Singh. A story of benevolence, listen to how Mahavir saves his teacher Tarini from the mess he dissolves in.

Fondly remembered as Bengal’s Renaissance man, Satyajit Ray was a renowned Indian filmmaker. Coming from a distinguished family of artists, litterateurs and musicians, Satyajit Ray, from young age, showed signs of making it big in the world of entertainment. Having a passion for films, chess and western classical music, he excelled at art and soon took it up professionally. In his life, Ray directed more than 36 films, including feature films, documentaries and shorts, starting off with the widely acknowledged ‘Pather Panchali’. His craftsmanship, mastery of detail and storytelling technique is admired by the world over. Other than films, Ray worked as a fiction writer, publisher, illustrator, calligrapher, graphic designer and film critic.

This short story is a small tribute to the man on his centenary birth year..

Narrator: Archi Banerjee
Nyapla/ Inspector Yaswant Singh: Chirayata Bhattacharyaa
Old Tarinikhuro: Shankha Sanyal
Young Tarinikhuro: Souparno Roy
Dharani Kaka: Nilanjan Ghosal
Seth Gangaram: Raaj Dey
Mahavir Singh: Sudeep Dhara

Original Illustration: Satyajit Ray

Music: from different soundtracks of Satyajit Ray
Editing: Shankha Sanyal

Cover Illustration: Sudeep Dhara


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