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Title:EVERY SINGLE Lightsaber Type And Variant Explained [Canon + Legends]

The lightsaber is probably the most iconic weapon in all of Sci-Fi. Although most Jedi and Sith opted for the standard, single-bladed lightsaber, there were in fact some truly unique lightsabers, with truly unique properties. In today’s video, we will take a look at every single lightsaber type, both from canon and legends. We'll be exploring no less than 40 different lightsaber variants in this video, so make sure to grab a drink and a snack as this will be one of my longer videos. I've roughly ordered this list from most to least common, so make sure to stick about until the end for the most interesting and rare lightsaber variants. Check out VF Sabers here➡️ vfsabers.com/ First up we have the most common form of lightsaber. The single-bladed lightsaber with a regular hilt length. There was good reason for their popularity. They were versatile, allowed the user a full range of movement and could be used either with one or two hands. They were also relatively easy to build compared to many other sabers we will discuss later on in this video. They did not require complex parts nor did they require rare or extra lightsaber crystals. Overall, these sabers were very useful in a wide range of different scenarios, meaning they were by far the most popular. Next, we have the standard double-bladed lightsaber. The most common form of the double-bladed lightsaber was similar to Darth Maul’s. Typically the hilts were around twice the length of a regular saber, allowing the wielder to easily use two hands in combat. It is believed that the first double-bladed Lightsabers of this kind were based on the Zabrak quarterstaff or Zhabooka. Double-bladed Lightsabers of this kind were almost always used by the Sith. Although some Jedi used them, it was very uncommon. This was largely due to the sheer amount of aggression required to effectively wield a blade such as this. Most double-bladed lightsaber wielders used form 7, the forbidden lightsaber form that had a heavy focus on acrobatics and power blows. Jedi that did use double-bladed lightsabers were forced to fight with a more aggressive fighting style, with Pong Krell being a notable example. Pong Krells Lightsabers differed slightly from the more common double-bladed lightsaber. First of all they were absolutely massive and may even qualify as great Lightsabers which we will discuss later on in the video. Second of all, they were hinged, similar to the double-bladed sabers used by the Jedi temple guards and Rey Palpatine in the Sequel films. This did have an advantage compared to a regular double-bladed lightsaber. Not only were they more portable but they could swing around and trap the blade of the enemy. Another common double-bladed lightsaber variant were the ones used by the inquisitors. These were some of the most sophisticated and complex lightsabers. However, this also made them very susceptible to malfunction. Unlike most double-bladed lightsabers, their hilts were no longer than a regular lightsaber. This allowed the Inquisitors to use the saber either as a regular, single-bladed lightsaber or as a double-bladed lightsaber. The Inquisitor's Lightsabers could also spin at extremely high speeds. This could be used as a means of intimidation or as a way of aggressively attacking their opponents, while also allowing the inquisitors to fly through the air. Unfortunately, these added functions made them more susceptible to damage, with many Jedi using the weaknesses of these blades to quickly defeat the Inquisitors, unfortunately making these sabers quite ineffective. We’ll be moving on from double-bladed Lightsabers for now, and examining the lightsaber of Kit Fisto. Now at first glance, this is no different from a conventional, single-bladed lightsaber. However, this was not the case. Unlike most Lightsabers, Kit Fisto's lightsaber contained two Kyber Crystals, employing a complex system known as a bifurcating cyclical ignition pulse. Unlike most sabers, which would immediately short out upon contact with water, Kit Fisto was able to use his lightsaber underwater. After Kit Fisto discovered this lightsaber alteration, he recorded it within the Jedis great Holocron. Later Luke Skywalker would make this lightsaber variation standard for all sabers within his new Jedi Order. Next up we have another saber that at first glance, would appear to be the same as an ordinary single-bladed lightsaber. However, it contained a very rare lightsaber crystal known as a lava crystal that could only be found in the deepest depths of volcanic planets. #lightsaber #lightsabervariant #lightsabertype #lightsaberlore #lightsaberstyles #lightsabermeanings #starwars #starwarslore #starwarscanon #starwarsexplained #starwarslegends #vadersfortress


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