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Title:Trauma Causes Emotional Dysregulation: Here's How to Heal It

QUIZ: Do You Have CPTSD? FREE TOOLS: bit.ly/2vwqSRY Need Coaching? New Programs Open Now: bit.ly/3bqKBHm Take My FREE Daily Practice Course: bit.ly/CCF_DailyPractice Website: crappychildhoodfairy.com/ * "You've got to learn to feel your feelings" is not always helpful advice for people who grew up with neglect and abuse. Emotional dysregulation is a common, normal, adult symptom of of complex PTSD that can make emotions too big, too intense, and even destructive to your life. Here's how to notice when your emotions are dysregulated, and what you can do to re-regulate them. * LETTERS: Want to submit a question for me to answer in a video? Keep it short, not too explicit, relevant for this audience. hello@crappychildhoodfairy.com Access ALL My Courses, Group Coaching & Online Community BECOME A MEMBER bit.ly/CCF-Membership Best Online Course for Beginners: HEALING CHILDHOOD PTSD bit.ly/CCF_HCPTSD Change Trauma-Driven Dating Patterns DATING & RELATIONSHIPS COURSE bit.ly/CCF-Dating Learn to Regulate This Core CPTSD Symptom DYSREGULATION BOOTCAMP bit.ly/CCF__DB Heal Isolation and Build Relationships CONNECTION BOOTCAMP bit.ly/CCF_Connection NEED ONLINE THERAPY? BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online therapist. betterhelp.com/CCF (I receive commissions on referrals & recommend services I know and trust.) Neurostimulation patches that support energy and focus: feelzing.com/ZbbIIoQDZOPPz Use coupon code ANNARUNKLE for 15% offe see me LIVE in 2022! Tickets Now on Sale: bit.ly/3snzvJ6


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