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Title:Kara & Lena • "I'm not a villain, you shouldn't have treated me like one."

Hey guys, so I loved the new episode, I’d say it’s the best episode of Season 5 yet! Hopefully, we’ll get some more good ones like this in the future! By now I’m sure many of you know that we live for this kind of angst! I made this edit in about 12 hours or so I guess? Maybe that’s the new staple for me? Do it all in one block sitting! That’s the good thing when you work nights I suppose? On days off, there’s nobody around at night and there’s also nothing to do! So I loved this episode, I still love Lena, she’s one of the most fascinating characters because she’s more morally grey, which I love in a character, she’s so complex. The amount of hate she’s currently getting is uncalled for and unfortunate, but what else can you do? I guess it’s a scene that breaks most Supercorps hearts? Either way, I love this kind of drama so I am totally here for it. Not that I am defending Lena, she is in the wrong on many levels but I can also understand why she feels the way she does, she’s just going about things in the wrong way. Sometimes hurt and pain make people act irrationally. FYI Kara has and always will be our favourite character (Along with Alex), hence the icon and goodness knows how many videos dedicated to her! We are ALWAYS pro Kara. So I hope you enjoy the edit and I kind of hope to break your hearts all over again! I do not own the content in this video! ─────────────────────────────────────── Program: Vegas Pro 14.0 Video Tracks: 4 Audio Tracks: 3 TV Show: Supergirl [Kara and Lena] Song: Broken by Isak Danielson ─────────────────────────────────────── Contact me: Join us on Discord: discord.gg/PzCWVFM Instagram: www.instagram.com/itsatwinthing_yt/ Twitter: twitter.com/ItsATwinThingYT Tumblr: itsatwinthing-yt.tumblr.com/ ─────────────────────────────────────── #supercorp #fanvidfeed #supergirl #karlena #melissabenoist #katiemcgrath #supergirlcw


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