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Title:||Gay/LGBTQ+ GCMM|| You really wanna see my eyes so badly?||read description||BL||Original||

Here you can find the explanation of words, story parts and the music. The music doesn't fit sometimes since I wasn't really paying attention to it much. _____________________________________________________ *Explanation* (not only LGBTQ+ specific) : Trans guy: a boy, assigned female at birth Basic: I usually use it to say something like default. So if I say: "Someone is basic" I mean that someone has a clothing style many people have and is acting like the majority. Cis: Someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth (basically the majority) Deadname: A name that isn't the actual name of a person because they now have a different one (that word is mostly used by trans people) Transphobic person: Someone who hates/disrespects people because they're trans (as a trans person you can also be transphobic. If you hate on people that are trans because they're not trans in your opinion just because they're expressing it differently is also transphobic) Gender dysphoria: A discomfort that is related to your biological gender. (Google for further information) Nonbinary: Someone who doesn't fit in the binary spectrum (men and women are the binary spectrum) _____________________________________________________ *Explanations of story parts*: 1:48 they usually meet up only at night because it's their thing. Also it's more save since when you look like that while it's day people literally can attack you (already happened to me). 3:42 how does Silas know that Ray is a trans guy? Easy. He noticed because he once saw official papers of Ray and noticed that female was written on it. Since Ray is not female it means he's trans. They/them pronouns are being used for Alex because they're nonbinary _____________________________________________________ *Music* Vosai - Young&Wild&Free (NCS) https://youtu.be/mJaZAEPB20U SVRRIC & RUINKID - Fall To My Grave ft. Silent Child (NCS) https://youtu.be/11R9Hmzxg-k Raptures, VØNH & Halvorsen - Left Me Blind (NCS) https://youtu.be/jNEkXs2zfbs Time To Talk - Bittersweet (ft. Roses) (NCS) https://youtu.be/RdAPevFwfmE Time To Talk & Avaya Ft. RYVM - Found You (NCS) https://youtu.be/qw6ylrPd05M T & Sugah - Bring Me The Light (feat. Mara Necia) (NCS) https://youtu.be/nGFmH4w3V8I Siimi - Here For Me (NCS) https://youtu.be/StNCq3MuixY Clarx - Done (ft. Halvorsen) (NCS) https://youtu.be/MBN5HN3o7FE JPB - Long Night pt. IL (NCS) https://youtu.be/FOpWXPuo7_c Barren Gates - Devil (VIP) (NCS) https://youtu.be/JZlTj7qqKOw Clarx - Done (feat. Halvorsen)(NCS) https://youtu.be/MBN5HN3o7FE Raptures & Sam Ourt - Taking Control ft. Halvorsen (NCS) https://youtu.be/eof02pn4KtM Egzod & Maestro Chives - Royalty ft. Neoni (NCS) https://youtu.be/OhX8GC3mm74


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