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Title:Unique footage of William ahead of 21st birthday

(20 Jun 2003) SHOTLIST UK POOL - 20th June 2003 1. UPSOT: (English) Prince Harry: "You're an idiot. Get this on camera. You forgot your boots!" 2. UPSOT: (English) Prince William: "That's another classic." 3. UPSOT: (English) Prince Harry: "Here, borrow my ones that Mark has bought." 4. UPSOT: (English) Prince William: "That's just about the stupidest thing I could have done." 5. Close up Prince Harry cleaning boots 6. UPSOT: (English) Prince Harry (talking to Prince Charles who is teasing him about cleaning his boots): "I am not just doing it for them. I always do it. I always clean them. I played yesterday and I didn't have a chance. You get someone else to do it for you. " 7. Cutaway of Prince Charles laughing 8. Tilt up horse's legs to Prince William on horseback, riding off to pitch 9. Prince William (number 1) during match, Prince Harry (number 2) on grey polo pony, rides past and hits ball 10. Prince William passes ball to Prince Charles (number 4), who hits it back to Prince Harry who shoots a goal (audio of commentator saying "Prince Harry shoots, and it's two goal a piece." ) 11. Prince William gallops towards camera and hits the ball 12. Cutaway guests watching 13. Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles discussing the game 14. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "Got to try and get it to the boards." 15. UPSOT: Prince William: (English): "I was. There was no point in taking a left because Henry was coming straight up on me. So I thought if I went right it would look like..." 16. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "Except I was on the end, you see." 17. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "Yes, but it looked like I was going to pass you a back hand which I you almost did. My cunning tricks of subtlety weren't so subtle." 18. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "It was a devilish cunning plan." 19. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "It was. It was deliberate. It was impressive." 20. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "It was a deceptive play. It certainly confused your side too." 21. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "It was art of disguise. Pa." 22. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "Yeah, I know. It's bluff and double bluff." 23. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "I was surprised you scored a goal actually, I must say. " 24. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "I can do it even at my advanced stage of decrepitude." 25. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "You were very good, you are alright you know. It was quite a quick game." 26. Shot change to Harry and Prince Charles - pan back to Prince William 27. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "I might just make a nuisance of myself." 28. (off camera) UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "A nuisance of yourself?" 29. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "Yes, Pa." 30. (off camera) UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "That's not very difficult, is it?" 31. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "It's hereditary, so (laughter).." 32. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "Touche!" 33. Prince William and Prince Charles riding past 34. Referee 35. Prince William riding towards camera 36. UPSOT: Prince Charles: (English) "Is this your method of recovery?" 37. UPSOT: (English) Prince Harry "No, I just felt a bit peckish." 38. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "Shoving a banana in your face." 39. UPSOT: (English) Prince Harry "It's healthy!" 40. Prince William feeding the two horses he rode - Coca and Wick 41. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "Coca, you are so greedy, you eat everything." 43. UPSOT: Prince William: (English) "It looks fantastic." Find out more about AP Archive: www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork Twitter: twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: www.facebook.com/APArchives ​​ Instagram: www.instagram.com/APNews/ #princewilliam #princeharry #princecharles #kingcharlesiii You can license this story through AP Archive: www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/21424a75e14c241…


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