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Title:ماذا فعل الجن بسيدنا سليمان عندما علموا موته هل انتقموا منه ؟ مشهد مزلزل للقلوب

He was blessed with these miracles,[21] and among these miracles: the harnessing of the wind. He - the Most High - said: (And for Solomon the wind was a storm that ran at his command to the land which we blessed, and we were with [everyone] guiding him, wherever it was. And by his command, the clouds moved to rain according to Solomon's command to her, and the wind remained under his command throughout his life. The jinn were working in his hands with his guidance, and taking the matter from him, so he ordered them to do what benefits their kingdom, and manage their affairs, so they set up niches and places of worship, and they had great achievements in the art of architecture, and basins of water, which are what is known as the jars, and they made pots, and fixed silos, which are the anchored pots , and some of them ordered them to dive into the seas to extract pearls and coral, and he was benefiting from what God bestowed on the jinn of supernatural abilities and high speed, and on their hands their state was established. he used it in the manufacture of weapons and oth er industries, he - the Most High - said: (And We sent him an eye of dripping),[24] and the iron was flowing in the hands of the jinn, so they formed it and then frozen in its form.[26] ] Understanding the words of animals and insects that cannot be pronounced And inanimate objects, and plants, and his understanding of birds was mentioned, because the birds were harnessed in front of his hands, so he understood the words of birds, and conveyed the words to his people so that they could learn about it.[27]


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