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Title:Music to put you in a better mood ~ A playlist lofi for study, relax, stress relief

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Thank you very much, artists :

Tibeauthetraveler: https://soundcloud.com/tibeauthetraveler
Project AER https://soundcloud.com/project-aer
Flovry https://soundcloud.com/flovry/popular...
Lomtre https://soundcloud.com/lomtre
KzZ https://soundcloud.com/prodkzz
Amin Rovdo https://soundcloud.com/leeamin
C4C : https://soundcloud.com/c4cmusic
S N U G:https://soundcloud.com/beatsbysnug
mvdb https://soundcloud.com/mvdbmusic
mrmcchickino: https://soundcloud.com/mrmcchickino
Flovry https://soundcloud.com/flovry/popular...
Charleenguyenn: https://soundcloud.com/charleenguyen
Kalaido https://soundcloud.com/kalaidobeats
Jfbm https://soundcloud.com/jellyfish-bones
Mondo Loops https://soundcloud.com/mondoloops
Purrple Cat https://soundcloud.com/purrplecat
Eugenio izzi : https://soundcloud.com/eugenio-izzi

Track list :
00:00 Tibeauthetraveler - Ember (w_ eleven)
02:12 Lomtre - slow days
04:57 Tibeauthetraveler Spotless Mind (w_ Simber)
07:09 KzZ - lua
10:50 Amin Rovdo - 190529
12:49 Charlee Nguyen - Ashes and Stardust (OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS)
14:54 mvdb-vnsh
17:40 Flovry - recess w_ tender spring
20:08 Mondoloops - Drifting Far Away
22:42 Purrple Cat - Alley Cat
25:38 S N U G - Missing You
27:56 Tibeauthetraveler - Evening Lights (w_ Prithvi)
30:49 S N U G - Purple Skies
33:27 Flovry - Treehouse
35:56 Project AER - Lark Rise
38:20 S N U G - Dreams Of You
41:14 Project AER - Lark Rise
43:38 Flovry - channel 12 w_ tender spring.
46:01 eugenio izzi - Lethargy (feat. Hoogway)
48:27 S N U G - Haze.
51:03 Flovry - backpack city w_ tender spring.
53:35 S N U G - Illusion.
55:19 eugenio izzi - Like A Serendipity
57:53 Lost Days - Mondo Loops.
59:44 Flovry - first heartbreak w_ tender spring
1:02:21 brillion. & HM Surf - Kiptime
1:04:47 Purrple Cat - Crescent Moon
1:07:10 Jfbm - Wanderer.
1:08:34 Mondo Loops - Sweet Honey (Sitting Duck & Mondo Loops).
1:11:22 AYOEN - bird watching.
1:13:53 Kalaido - Stars And Chimneys.
1:16:59 Tibeauthetraveler & Jfbm - Pastel Lights
1:19:07 mell-ø - Musing( w_Haru Pandi)

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