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Title:Тыва: шаманизм, национализм и алкоголизм | Безработица и преступность в русской Монголии

I also have a channel for my English-speaking audience! Subscribe now and watch my videos dubbed in English: vrlmv.com/HLJkPq Tyva is the most dangerous region of Russia, and its capital, Kyzyl, is the most dangerous city in the country. Besides widespread poverty, drunk fights are common here, and crime reaches the levels of Brazilian favelas. Rumors say that local nationalism reaches such levels that for the Russians Kyzyl is simply a dangerous city. And I decided to check it all out for myself! I will also tell you about shamanism and Buddhism, show you the endless steppe where only hemp grows, and tell you why Mongolia is closer to the people of Tyva than Russia. Support the channel: Patreon: vrlmv.com/4acT9L Support with crypto: nowpayments.io/donation/varlamov Timestamps 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:09 Kyzyl is the most dangerous city in Russia 00:02:24 Private sector of Kyzyl 00:04:27 Walk around Kyzyl 00:14:36 The most criminal area 00:20:08 What the locals say about Kyzyl 00:22:37 National question 00:26:17 Dangerous yard 00:27:55 I was attacked! 00:29:54 New districts of Kyzyl 00:41:44 The yard where the Mayor lives 00:45:29 Visiting a shaman 00:52:57 Garbage dump in the steppe 00:54:57 Visiting farmers 01:01:16 Conclusion


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