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Title:BOOZE & GLORY - "Only Fools Get Caught" - Official Video (HD)

Booze&Glory - "Only Fools Get Caught" band@boozeandglory.com www.boozeandglory.com STEP1MUSIC (Europe) www.step1music.com/ CONTRA RECORDS (Europe) www.contra-net.com/ SAILOR'S GRAVE RECORDS (USA) www.sailorsgraverecords.com/ Music recorded at Perry Vale Studios in London by Pat Collier http://www.perryvalestudios.com/ Video directed by Frank Pellegrino www.facebook.com/FrankVideo lyrics: I heard he's doing alright now hard time inside tho but he's learnt his lesson now But I'll believe it when I see it coz I know it ain't that easy just to turn your back on it all If all you ever knew from the day that you were born was to cheat, lie, fight and steal Well, you're never gonna break it if you can't earn it take it Well, life don't work that way Coz some people never change Some people people fade away Some people break the rules But only fools get caught He was never gonna go clean ,dragged up in the East End what kinda start in life is that? He never did do well at school ,in and out of borstal but he learnt what he had to know Coz if all you ever do from the day that you leave school is work hard and live and honest life Well you'll never get no thanks coz we're all on the blag and life just works that way He's sitting at the bar now with some Spanish tart soaking up the sun in Marbella Coz he done a Ronny Biggs and he fucked off out of here and he ain't never coming back again So if all you ever do is follow the rules your never gonna get nowhere So do as you please and take what you need and make life work your way!


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