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Title:Can You Pass This Human Body Quiz? #1

Can you answer 40 questions about the human body? 40 interesting questions with answers all about the human body. How much do you know about human biology, anatomy and medical terminology? If you are studying at school or college then maybe this video can help test your knowledge. Medical students should ace this. Good luck on this test. There are 40 multiple choice questions. 10 seconds per question. Then the answer is revealed. Let me know in the comments how you got on. Quiz no. 1 Try the next HUMAN BODY QUIZ 2 https://youtu.be/U7yQt-E0sL4 And here's a third human body quiz https://youtu.be/PgQSL5nn1RY Can you name 25 body parts? Try this https://youtu.be/UlJRw9mfcK8 00:00 Intro 00:16 What are the cells that are part of your immune system and help fight infections called? 00:34 Approximately how many litres of blood are there in an adult human? 00:50 What percent of your body is made of water? 01:05 Which organ removes excess water and salts from the body? 01:22 Which of these is not a part of the spine anatomy? 01:39 What is the more common name for your scapula? 01:55 What is the correct name for a kneecap? 02:13 Which of these is not a part of the brain? 02:29 Which of these is not part of your blood? 02:45 The build up of which acid causes gout? 03:01 Which blood cells distribute oxygen throughout the body? 03:17 On average how many taste buds are on our tongues? 03:34 What type of acid is in your stomach? 03:51 A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that has become lodged in an artery in which part of the body? 04:08 What do stem cells do in the body? 04:25 The clear fluid that drains from cells and tissues is called what? 04:42 What does the ureter connect the kidneys to? 04:59 Which of these is not a function of the spleen? 05:15 How many chambers are in your heart? 05:30 What is the longest bone in the body called? 05:45 How many teeth do adults normally have? 06:00 Where are your photoreceptor cells located? 06:17 What is the scientific name for the voice box? 06:34 Which layer of skin contains the fat cells? 06:49 The protein fibrin is a major component of what? 07:06 What is the sac that surrounds your heart called? 07:22 Which muscle is responsible for inflating your lungs? 07:40 What is the body’s only disposable organ? 07:55 Where are blood cells produced? 08:12 Which organ controls blood sugar levels? 08:28 Where are your talus bones located? 08:45 Which of these is not a place that stones can form in a body? 09:01 How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have? 09:19 What is it called when an injury causes blood to collect outside of blood vessels? 09:34 What is low blood pressure called? 09:51 A blockage in an artery caused by a blood clot is called what? 10:07 Where is bile made? 10:24 What’s the most commonly broken bone? 10:40 Hair is made up of 95% of which protein? 10:56 What connects arteries to veins? 👍 If you are a fan of my quizzes and would like to support this channel, you can tip me here www.buymeacoffee.com/Quizzes4U Thank you❤ Legal Disclaimer This video does not contain or offer any medical advice. The video is meant for entertainment purposes only. It's just for fun. Whilst I take care to have accurate answers, I accept no liability for any loss as the result from any errors, mistakes or omissions in this video. The information in this video should not be taken as fact and you should do your own due diligence and not base any decisions on the information contained in this video. Answers are fact checked on the internet and believed to be correct at time of video posting. The images shown in the video are just for entertainment and illustration only and they do not represent the information in the questions or any brands or companies or persons mentioned in the quiz videos. The images do not necessarily reflect the information in the questions and are just for entertainment only. All images and graphics are own, royalty free or from Canva (licence held) All music is from YouTube audio library no attribution required.


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