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Title:[ENG SUB ] REACTION! ซีรีส์ ด้ายแดง l Until We Meet Again EP.11

#REACTION​ cinema
Red thread l Until We Meet Again EP.11

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In the age of thirty years before that may not be long Korn and Intouch, a university student in Bangkok.
Met at first, beginning with compassion Causing Intouch to step into the life of Kon, who is known as the son of an influential person, despite being chased, even if ignored at the end, the heart must also allow the young boy to be cheerful as the sun
But In the days when same-sex love was not accepted When the break reaches their father's ears Causing both of them to secretly meet InTouch tries to fight, but Korn, who has endured this awkwardness for a long time, is discouraged. Turned into a tragedy When Korn shot himself, causing Intouch to regret and lose consciousness, suicide followed along. When the story should end But something is bound to both of them. For many decades, students have changed generations. A first-year student met a person whom he felt he had waited all his life for. While Dean, a third-year student, who always tries to find someone, finds the person he is looking for The red thread tied them tightly to the memorable past.

From the novel by Lazysheep, Red Thread

Produced by Studio Wabi Sabi.
Producer & Director: Siwat Sawatmaneekul

The actors
Dean, played by Thitiwat Ritprasert
The role played by Natchat Siriphongthon
Kon played by Noppakao Decha Phatthakun
In played by Kasanan Namnamviroj
Win, played by Nopphakan Kanthachai
The team played by Warut Chavalitruchiwong.
Lemon played by Saman Tha Melanie Coats
Pruek played by Suphadej Wilairat
Don played by Wanat Sangthianpraphai.
Dale, played by Panin Charnmanoon

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IG: @studiowabisabith
Twitter @wabisabiTH


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