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Title:Adorable Barn Owl Pair Bring Up Their Chicks

It has been such an adventure watching barn owls Gylfie & Finn bring up their two owlets Nutmeg and Thyme in 2021. And, it's been great to see first-time dad Finn, step up to the mark! I've put their full story of this season together in this film for you to enjoy. To support my channel and the wildlife rehabilitation and conservation work I do, please donate here: www.paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button… or join one of my supporter communities in exchange for behind the scenes content here: www.robertefuller.com/support_and_donate/ THEIR OWL STORY. Finn and Gylfie first hooked up together towards the end of 2022. Finn was just two years old and this was his first breeding season. At times his inexperience led to some amusing gaffs! FROM CLUMSY COURTSHIP TO DEVOTED PARTNER But this male barn owl soon matured and proved he can provide for his family. He is such a sweet character and takes his job very seriously. FIRST TIME DAD This first time dad's excitement when he met his chicks was adorable to watch. Watch him checks the egg after it is laid with his beak, - it's as though he wonders if he should brood it himself. But Gylfie steps in and pushes him aside… incubating is best left to the expert. ATTENTIVE DAD Finn goes on to become a really attentive parent. He rarely leaves Gylfie's side as she broods their eggs and works hard bringing in food around the clock and guarding the nest. BARN OWL CHICKS The pair had three chicks in total, but sadly one did not survive. Thankfully the two remaining chicks, named Nutmeg & Thyme by their fans, grow up to be strong and healthy. NUTMEG BECOMES CARER And by one month old, barn owls the eldest, Nutmeg, is already showing signs she has inherited Finn's incredible nature. After they are old enough to be left alone by the parent birds my cameras reveal something unusual - Nutmeg, older by three days, takes on the role of feeding her younger brother. HELPING TO FEED & GROOM THYME As the barn owl chicks grow and develop, the bond between the siblings grows stronger and my cameras capture endearing footage of Nutmeg grooming Thyme and trying to encourage him to join her as she discovers the entrance to the nest and sees the world outside. AND THYME TURNS PROTECTOR Then one day when a pigeon ventures into the nest, their roles are reversed and the younger owlet, Thyme, spreads his wings out wide and screeches to protect his sister Nutmeg. BARN OWLS FIRST FLIGHTS This extraordinary bond continues as the eldest Nutmeg learns to fly and then hops about the entrance to the nest trying to encourage her brother to join her. I hope you have enjoyed watching the story of this adorable barn owl family. If you would like to know how they are getting on now please follow this link to their story so far in 2022: /playlist?list=PLx09JDaWUEFPztNvVpVf7yCvfCRwFv0HU #robertefuller #owls #barnowls I am a British wildlife artist based in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, UK. I build ideal habitats to encourage wildlife into my garden and use nest cams to study their behaviour. These studies inform my paintings. I share the best of my video research on this channel for free. If you would like to support my work please consider a small donation here: www.paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button… Or of course you may like to purchase my artwork which you will find on my website: www.robertefuller.com. Many of the paintings are portraits of the creatures you watch here! © Robert E Fuller Copyright Disclaimer: Please feel free to share my videos but do not download any content without permission with the intent to re-upload. If you would like to license any content, please get in touch with me at: mail@robertefuller.com Stay Connected! You can also follow me on these platforms: Visit my website: www.robertefuller.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/RobertEFullerArt/ Twitter: twitter.com/RobertEFuller Instagram: www.instagram.com/RobertEFuller/


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