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Title:Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1996 (full)

please don't ask me about any other pre-2003 parades, I don't have anymore from before then unless I do another trade. If you have the 1997-2002 parades then UPLOAD THEM YOURSELVES KNUCKLEHEADS

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Hosts: Willard Scott, Katie Couric, Al Roker

0:00:00​ intro, opening statements
0:03:29​ ribbon cutting, start of parade, opening credits
0:06:56​ Macy's Parade Dance Team
0:10:09​ Sarah Jessica Parker interview
0:11:54​ Chicago (with Bebe Neuwirth)
0:16:59​ Lea Thompson interview
0:18:13​ Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk (with Savion Glover)
0:21:59​ Phil Hartman outlines the parade route
0:24:05​ Lou Diamond Phillips interview
0:25:11​ The King And I with Donna Murphy
0:30:36​ Jere Burns interview
0:32:07​ Rent
0:36:41​ Inflation of the Bullwinkle balloon
0:40:06​ Radio City Rockettes
0:44:18​ Cloe the Clown novelty balloon
0:45:03​ Southwest Missouri State University Pride Band
0:46:55​ Tom Turkey float with Bo Diddley
0:46:51​ Rocky and Bullwinkle balloon
0:50:33​ Native Spirit float with Deidre Hall
0:51:14​ Science Hill High School Topper Band
0:53:12​ M&Ms float with Matthew, Andy and Joey Lawrence
0:55:11​ Garfield balloon
0:57:07​ Sesame Street float
0:59:19​ Big Bird balloon
1:00:41​ Mother Goose float with Oksana Baiul
1:01:28​ La Danse School of Ballet
1:02:26​ Albert and Friends Instant Circus
1:02:47​ Wiggle Worm
1:03:14​ Alice In Wonderland with Elayne Boosler
1:03:48​ Cypress High School band
1:05:35​ Nestle Quik Bunny balloon
1:07:02​ Toby the Parade Dog
1:07:44​ Clifford the Big Red Dog balloon
1:08:57​ Fujifilm "Willy Wonka Pure Imagination" float with Liz Torres
1:11:29​ Riverview High School Kiltie Marching Band
1:13:00​ Skydancer balloon
1:14:00​ Popeye and Olive Oyl
1:14:44​ Flying Fish balloon
1:15:08​ Jolly Polly Pirate Ship with Cats cast
1:16:34​ Jacksonville State University Marching Southerners
1:18:24​ Under the Sea float with Lea Thompson
1:19:14​ Pink Panther balloon
1:21:00​ America Sings
1:24:08​ Hanes "70th Birthday Party Time" float with Miss USA Tara Holland
1:26:21​ Indiana University of Pennsylvania band
1:28:04​ Betty Boop balloon
1:29:55​ 101 Dalmatians float
1:33:51​ Harold the Fireman balloon
1:34:37​ Bellbrook High School Marching Eagles
1:36:48​ Jazz Doll Twirlers
1:37:39​ GMC Statue of Liberty float with Dominique Dawes
1:38:42​ Spider Man balloon
1:39:41​ Cowgirls cast with Red River Rocky Top Cloggers
1:41:14​ Westward Ho float with Tucson Arizona Boys Choir
1:42:11​ Cisco Junior College Wrangler Band And Belles
1:43:57​ Barney, Baby Bop and BJ wagon
1:44:06​ Barney balloon
1:45:22​ Cocoanuts cast
1:45:58​ Owen Valley Patriot Band and Guard
1:47:38​ AMC float with Shirley Jones
1:49:27​ Woody Woodpecker balloon
1:51:18​ UCA Cheerleaders
1:53:00​ Pep Rally float
1:53:21​ Sonic the Hedgehog balloon
1:54:11​ NYPD Marching Band
1:54:44​ Daily News Big Apple float with New York Yankees
1:56:18​ United Airlines float with Vanessa Williams and Children Around the World
1:58:48​ Havereties Girls Marching Band
2:00:02​ Mobile Azalea Trail Maids
2:00:37​ Peter Rabbit balloon
2:01:47​ Dunkin Donuts float with Captain and Tenille
2:04:08​ Cat In The Hat balloon
2:05:11​ James F. Byrnes H.S. Rebel Regiment
2:06:39​ Santaland Express with Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop and children's chorus from Lucille Ball Theatre
2:10:11​ Family Channel "Snow Family" float with Kenny Rogers
2:13:07​ Eben Bear balloon
2:13:45​ Boston University Terrier Marching Band
2:15:07​ Santa's arrival, closing remarks, credits


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