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Title:Sakal Hans Mein Ram Viraje I Shabnam Virmani I Rajasthan Kabir Yatra 2016

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"सकल हंस में राम बिराजे
राम बिना कोई धाम नहीं"

The opening two lines of this soulful composition, beautifully conveys the central theme of the entire song that the God, resides in every heart and he manifests in every creation that the Earth has bestowed. We must have faith in his divine presence in all the actions that we perform, things we perceive and the places we visit.

The lyrics are written in the Malvi Dialect and insist that in all the human qualities and the 5 elements which form the warp and woof of the entire cosmos has their existence attached to the almighty who resides in all the 14 worlds.

We can feel the omnipresence of the God in our every vein, in the human navel and in the hearts. Whenever the strings of an instrument are struck, it resonates the melody of the almighty that reaches to the every nook and cranny of this Earth.
Keeping aside all the riches and jewels offered by the world, the gem of devotion for the God is of the highest value. This invaluable precious gem of pure devotion connects oneself to the Master, to the God.

The last verse of this masterpiece, depicts the universal truth, that one should never search for the supreme, in the external world, it resides in one self and and in one's soul. The power and glory of the God speaks from within and no other source is required to establish ourselves closer to God.

Sung by the multi-talented Shabnam Virmani, this folk song speaks about cultivating a spiritual attitude to experience the omnipresence of God and see his 'Universal Form" everywhere and in everything. It is about seeing God in you and around.

Vocal - Shabnam Virmani & Vipul Rikhi
Tambura- Shabnam Virmani
Manjira - Gopal singh
Poet- Nanak Das

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Rajasthan Kabir Yatra is a 7 days-long annual travelling folk music festival spread across six rural and urban locations in and around Rajasthan. Organised by Lokayan, Bikaner and partnered with Rajasthan Police, this is a folk festival providing a space where folk musicians, artists, scholars, students and seekers can immerse themselves in the voices of Bhakti and Sufi saint-poets such as Kabir, Mira, Bulleh Shah, and many more, questioning and dissolving boundaries of caste, class, religion and identity.

The five editions, in 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 were widely chronicled and appreciated. It brought together 50 artists, over 400 Yatris every year from other parts of India, and thousands of local audiences.

Video Credits:
Camera: Madhur Vyas, Sharad Bissa, Ravi Maru, Neeraj Khatri, Himanshu Gehlot
Editing: Deepanshu Tiwari & Gopal Singh Chouhan
Subtitling: Nikita Tiwari
Collection: The Lokayan, Bikaner

Place: Shri Dungargarh, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
Event: Day 2, Rajasthan Kabir Yatra 2016
Date: 12th November, 2016


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