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Title:Multi-Fandom Couples ["A Life That's Good" - Nashville Cast] (Secret Santa for RodeoCowgirl!)

Unlisted posting of the vid with no text for voiceovers already on screen: https://youtu.be/24q5rrNqbrs​ Turn on Closed Captions (CC) here for all of the voiceovers transcribed except for the ones already transcribed in Open Captions- in small text in a fancy font. If you'd rather not have the "open captions" and/or if you want literally every single voiceover all in the CC, instead go to the other unlisted posting.

I recommend watching with it off unless you can't understand though. ~~~~~ I made this vid for Sarah (RodeoCowgirl) who I've been in many collabs with over the past, gosh, decade? A long time! We haven't exactly talked that much, but we're friendly & have always shared space within a few less popularly vidded fandoms. :) It was definitely nice to get assigned as my Secret Santa recipient someone I had so many fandoms in common with. I stuck to ships on her wishlist even though it crossed my mind that maybe I could have vidded some additional ships/fandoms had I asked. It wasn't necessary - I already had more than enough to work with on her list! (Thank you, pandieex, for organizing this Secret Santa exchange!)

Ships included, in order of appearance:

Crosby & Jasmine (Parenthood)
Stef & Lena (The Fosters; Good Trouble)
Jane & Michael (Jane the Virgin)
Barry & Iris (The Flash)
Nathan & Haley (One Tree Hill)
Clark & Lana (Smallville)
Chuck & Sarah (Chuck)
Cory & Topanga (Girl Meets World)
Snow & Charming (Once Upon a Time)
Jack & Rebecca (This Is Us)
Luke & Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
Ross & Rachel (Friends)
Steve & Peggy (Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU] - Avengers: Endgame; Captain America: The First Avenger)
Alex & Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)
Deacon & Rayna (Nashville)
Julia & Joel (Parenthood)
and Meredith & Derek (Grey's Anatomy)

I took some liberties with Cory/Topanga by vidding only Girl Meets World even though you only listed Boy Meets World on your wishlist. Better quality, they are sweet & married & fit the song there, still the same characters/actors, so I hoped even if you never saw Girl Meets World you'd think seeing the clips in here were sweet/still nice enough.

I also included a couple clips at the end of Stef/Lena in their spin-off show Good Trouble, instead of only sticking to The Fosters.

And I vidded the 16x16 Alex/Izzie stuff (hope that's okay!).

I added the clip at the end from a fandom not used at all in the entire video, from ER, because I couldn't figure out how to conclude the Christmassy sequence in a way that felt like a good ending to the vid, and then at the last minute remembered RodeoCowgirl was in my ER collab group & remembered that scene so I was like... why not shove one more mutual fandom on here even if it wasn't at all on her wishlist? XD Haha I was having fun with it almost like an inside joke...

I felt bad for not including Leyton & Emma&Neal, I actually am a huge Swanfire fan but I just wasn't feeling that they fit the song as perfectly as most of the other ships, and by the time I was going to try to squeeze them in I found myself with basically no room... and I also kinda feel like I stopped liking Lucas at all in the past few years so while I shipped Leyton watching the show before, in hindsight I prefer Jeyton kinda or something idk... I decided for those at least I included those fandoms (OUaT and OTH) with Snow/Charming and Naley, so I felt less bad having to leave them out.

I haven't vidded some of these ships much, but most of them I have at least vidded in a short collab part or multi-fandom before. Cory/Topanga tho was my very first time vidding them, I think. Well it's definitely my first time vidding Girl Meets World, at least. I also never vidded Steve/Peggy before and probably won't again but... never say never. I watched the movies so... I wanted to include them since I could!

Making this vid made me fall back in love w/ some of my faves, like Barry/Iris was super fun to vid scenes I never have (even a few from seasons I haven't seen yet)- they are such an OTP of mine; I feel like I haven't properly let myself explore that! Naley I also never vidded nearly enough; I wanted to vid SO MANY MORE of their scenes to this song - the whole song could've been used for them; it was tough to limit myself. Chuck/Sarah I felt a renewed joy for vidding, even Luke/Lorelai was more fun than I expected to dive all the way back to my vidding roots. So many sweet smiles... 1.5 weeks ago I vidded Rayna/Deacon with Supsi85 in a collab, so I featured them a bit less than I might've here, having already had an outlet for those feels... and tried to vid some different scenes of theirs in here and stuff... etc etc.

P.S. I'm happy I had one lesbian ship (Stef/Lena) to vid & it wasn't entirely a heterosexual couples tribute, 'cause as a queer person who would love this kind of sweet future w/ domestic bliss with a person of any gender, it is nice to have a tiny bit of variety throughout... even if it's only about 6% of the video!



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