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Title:Heidelberg, Germany, the Complete Tour

Heidelberg is one of the prettiest and best-preserved towns in all of Germany, set in picture postcard perfection alongside the Neckar River, with a classic castle towering above. Filled with Old World charm, it’s almost like a fantasy version of an ancient German town, or something dreamed up by Disney -- but this is the real thing. Heidelberg’s historic center of picturesque early 18th century buildings, about one mile long and four blocks wide, is an ideal-sized pedestrian zone to explore on foot.
Heidelberg movie chapters; ;
00:01​ introduction; 2:39​ Marktplatz (Marketplace); 8:43​ Hauptstrasse; 13:48​ University of Heidelberg; 19:43​ Bismarkplatz; 23:32​ Castle; 44:21​ Philosopher’s Walk; 54:52​ Boat Ride; 1:05:05​ Walk little lanes; 1:22:27​ hotel and restaurants;
In this detailed movie we are taking you in depth for a complete look at Heidelberg. Of course we will take you to the most historic landmark of Heidelberg, the castle up on the hill, one of the most famous and beautiful in Europe. We will show you how to get up there and then we’ll take a walk in the garden and show you how to get down.
But first we’re going to explore the city itself, it has an amazing pedestrian zone filled with restaurants, shops, historic structures and always busy with lots of people.
We’ll go for a walk along the main street o lf town the Hauptstrasse, then we’ll explore the little side streets as well and we’ll take a stroll on the Philosophers Walk up on the hill overlooking the city with great views looking back at the town We’ll take a boat ride on the Neckar River all the way up to Necharsteinach and back, with many practical tips including a survey of the restaurants of town and we’ll visit the University of Heidelberg, the oldest in Germany.
This detailed movie combines 6 recent shorter films into one complete video. The individual films that make up this movie can also be seen individually in this playlist:



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