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Title:Insecta Apostate

Two angels took part in the creation of Norman; Luke, a surgeon who planned the construction of his body, and Epta, an apprentice of God who made a world to raise his soul in. Epta, along with six other apprentices, had been gifted a fragment of God's soul in preparation for the possibility of taking his place. This fragment gave each apprentice a personal ability - Epta's of which was to create small, fake worlds and maintain them as though they themself were a god.

Due to God's dissatisfaction with his apprentices, he created the Father Project; an attempt at raising a soul in very specific conditions to produce the exact type of person God wanted for an apprentice, then putting said soul in a body made just for him (breaking real quick to clarify in this universe anatomy and psychology have direct but vaguely understood ties to each other). The apprentices were required to "donate" parts of their body to this project, Epta of which was to contribute their brain. Though their soul would take over their body's functionality, their thoughts and emotions would no longer be grounded in logic.

Despite the two being extremely close, Luke was never informed of where Epta was recovering post-surgery. He never saw them again. Taking this issue to God only resulted in the loss of his position as a surgeon and an order to remain silent about this whole ordeal.

God and his assistant, Charon, took over control of Norman's world and the construction of his body in place of Epta and Luke.

Luke, however, didn't plan on remaining passive.


hi so i'm back at it again with the boss themes for my ocs
this one's for epta (white-haired lad) in particular! but i had to draw/talk about luke (black-haired lad) too cus u cannot separate them they are boyfriendd s

i may or may not ramble more about them in a non-spoilery way in the comments

this is another spur of the moment upload, obligatory apologies if there's anything bothersome about the imperfections i kinda just wanted to upload something sdhbvjhdsbvjhs

download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U2Q8...

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