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Title:patsy & delia | I'm the only one for you

"People want what they want. And one way or another - at least, if love comes into it - things will end up as they should."

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I'm obsessed with them so here is another video. It's actually a whole song, a 4 minutes long video, can you believe it? I'm amazed at myself to be honest lol. Anyway they're not coming back next season and I'm sad (especially because I started shipping them this year, I consumed all the content in like two weeks and now I'm left with NOTHING) so I really wanted to make a long, complete video about their story.

I am inclined to obsession, so if I like something I become obsessed and now it's CtM turn. But let me tell you something, this is without a doubt one of the best shows I've ever seen. I started to watch it because of these two but every single character is interesting, and lovable and you just really care about everyone. It's also a really female driven show. It's an ensemble show (it is a little different from the kind of shows that I usually like to watch) but it's beautifully written and all the storylines are realistic to the time period. I just really love it.

Just two more words about this beautiful relationship. For me the Patsy & Delia story is the most well written wlw romance out there right now. Everything they go trough makes you think. There are no stupid tropes like miscommunication, cheating, lying and cheep drama. Never. P&D are tight, they talk to each other, they listen to each other, they understand each other. All the drama and the angst come from outside their relationship. They have to face the fear of being caught, the pain of pretending to be nothing more than friends when others are around. And what always comes across is the courage and the love of these two women that just won't let go of each other no matter what. I find all of that very inspiring and encouraging. I think their story is the best romantic relationship on the show and it's handled so well, it's full of great scenes, great dialogues and amazing parallels. And it's just amazing how CtM portrays what was like being gay in the 60s. So if you don't know what to do or you just want to watch a really good show, or you're looking for an amazingly written romance that will make you cry, laugh, scream and sigh do yourself a favor and watch CtM.

I changed the pitch of the song so many times to make it work here on youtube and now I'm just tired. I didn't want to have restrictions on this video, but nothing worked so I'm gonna leave it as it is...

And last but not least...if you watch this show and you love it, write to me, we can talk and talk about it because I'm obsessed.

Enjoy the video!

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