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Title:Forgiveness. Plus, Joel's Got Lists. | Grace Life Podcast | Joel & Friends

[Tuesday Morning Podcast, 11/2/21] Come join Pastor Joel & friends to talk about Christian News & living the grace life! PTL! (Click “SHOW MORE”) Help support Pastor Sam Gerhardt & his battle with stage 4 colon cancer through 1 of 2 GoFundMe Pages here t.ly/m2xP or here t.ly/nmFd | Or send a check to Grace Bible Church 3827 Hixson Pike Chattanooga TN 37415 Download a free copy of Pastor Joel’s book, “Empowered by His Grace!” t.ly/wZh8 Check out Greg Resor’s Digital Radio Station! Grace Messages 24/7! t.ly/uOuH Stock up on grace books! Berean Bible Society t.ly/EXZA | Forgotten Truths t.ly/fgCt | Dispensational Publishing House t.ly/X3tx | Parsons Publishing t.ly/fPxB | Also, get connected with grace newsletters t.ly/5X20 Join the ministry! Sign up for Grace School of the Bible t.ly/haX4 | Berean Bible Institute t.ly/R2U9 | or the tuition-free Grace Bible Institute in TX t.ly/h0Jo List of Grace Churches: t.ly/EMb3 Support the Mission Field – Grace Beyond Borders t.ly/w61a Take David Reid’s Gospel Quiz! t.ly/DwpW Download Joel’s 4,800+ Grace Books, Articles, and Charts (5 gigs): t.ly/icez Support the Ministry: t.ly/bJCr --------------------------------------- FBC on Social Media: Connect with Pastor Joel! FB: t.ly/PaTC | Twitter: t.ly/dle9 | Parler: t.ly/Nv57 | Gab: t.ly/XFQh | Minds: t.ly/xeDN | MeWe: t.ly/OWcF Connect with Pastor Fred! FB: t.ly/2XXl Connect with Pastor Hal! FB: t.ly/iGhO Connect with Fellowship Bible Church! FB: t.ly/OEFS | Odysee: t.ly/ZrhH From the FBC Website: Got Eternal Life? t.ly/EHSR Support the Ministry: t.ly/bJCr This is EPIC: free Grace Goodies: t.ly/dPRk Come join us! We’re really friendly. t.ly/VmxM --------------------------------------- Grace Articles: Joel is now contributing articles to Josh Strelecki’s Supply of Grace website! supplyofgrace.com/ | Joel offers 101 Spiritual Blessings the Moment we Believe t.ly/LzuS Josh Strelecki on The Simplicity That is in Christ t.ly/i6eX Gabbardl on Do You Know Him? t.ly/4xNd Paul Sadler on Holding Forth the Faith with a Clear Conscience t.ly/RBeD Ricky Kurth on What Do You Call a Near-Sighted Dinosaur? t.ly/Foah Kevin Sadler on The God Who Sings t.ly/lILO C.R. Stam on The Hope of Glory t.ly/1eD4 | What is Grace? t.ly/Zm7Y | Not Dying for Lack of Love t.ly/QznO Shawn Brasseaux on Propoganda or Peace? t.ly/UEP7 | Prepared t.ly/i0RY A Few Grace Videos: Bryan & Becky Ross have a podcast! t.ly/jfR9 The Playlist for Bryan’s EPIC Conference on Philemon t.ly/xtNJ | Plus, Download the Notes & PowerPoint to Joel’s 3 Messages: Intro t.ly/m4ou | Not of Necessity but Willingly t.ly/rddg | Paul’s 4th Journey t.ly/hWZo David Reid’s Q&A with Joel pt 1 t.ly/2XNc | pt 2 t.ly/glcZ Bryan’s new Playlist on the Grace History Project t.ly/h4U0 Freddie Bear on the Faith of Christ t.ly/4bFK Pastor Hal on the Mystery of Godliness t.ly/5plv Bryan Ross on Col. 4:2 t.ly/tkZ5 | The Hampton Conference t.ly/hsVF Steve Ross says to Just be Thankful t.ly/NrbO David Reid on 3 Keys to Understanding the Bible t.ly/1WXs Josh Strelecki on A Wise Masterbuilder t.ly/7Xvd | God’s Husbandry t.ly/UB7e Des Strydom on the Soul of Man pt 2 t.ly/PmRR | pt 1 t.ly/oya9 Richard Church talks about Glory t.ly/APn6 Randy White’s 30 Amazing Bible Stories You May Not Know t.ly/4OH0 Joel Finck on 2 Cor. 1 t.ly/F4sp Joel McGarvey on Rightly Dividing t.ly/V0hg Donnie Holt on the Good Shepherd t.ly/3CoZ David O’Steen on Suffering t.ly/qggi | Saul’s Conversion t.ly/QbZo Dave Stout on Romans 11 t.ly/U56O | Col. 2 t.ly/cFbV Paul McGregor on Romans 9 t.ly/JnUk Eric Neumann has a Kids Study on Rahab t.ly/28QT Ricky Jr. on Satan’s Response t.ly/wNob | Romans 9 t.ly/UR3V Kevin Hobbs t.ly/4Ey6 | t.ly/SKFh Dean Antonucci t.ly/NL7m | t.ly/vWQC John Verstegen t.ly/VaLO | Philippians t.ly/DZTM Greg Resor t.ly/IQc9 Shorewood t.ly/9PdF Grace & Peace! -Joel


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