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Title:Kara & Lena : their story [1/2] | Supercorp | Supergirl [2x01-4x22]

Oh gosh, not even sure where to start so let me just start with the timestamps 👀 Season 2 - 00:00 Season 3 - 29:11 Season 4 - 54:40 Canon or not, i had to edit these two’s epic journey together from seasons 2 to 6 this is just part one of their story i actually didn’t want to split supercorp’s ‘their story’ edit into two parts but there’s just so much scenes/storylines between these two which ultimately resulted in this edit being longer than planned (but hey i ain’t complaining here) wanted to publish this before the finale airs so we can reminisce supercorp s2-4 it’s been a rough couple of days for the fandom. With certain tweets from reviewers who caught an early screening of the SG finale, lots of fan seemed to have lost hope on them being canon, and then going back to clowning again the next hour 😂 Frankly I’m going back and forth between being a negativecorp and a positivecorp too but oh well 🤡 Even if our ship doesn’t sail in the end, supercorp will forever and always be endgame/canon in my heart ❤️ Besides, I’m certain that tons of ao3 writers will do a fix of the finale for us (& we can forget whatever horrible finale the cw gave us instead) 😘 Pretty sure we’re not gonna get the ending we deserve after fighting for these two for so long bc of *cough* homophobia *cough* shit showrunners *cough*. Getting a Korrasami ending would probably be the bare minimum but you know what i’ll take what i can get if it means they’re endgame (yes i’m that desperate) ngl the bar for the finale is set pretty low rn but knowing cwsg, they’ll probably disappoint us more than we thought they could (for me personally anyway) : D It’s been a hella memorable journey clowning with y’all. Thanks to the fandom for all the fics, arts, edits and etc 🥺💓 It’s not the end yet, a tiny part of me still thinks that our clowning will not be in vain. I mean look at Lexa, clexa clownkru clowned for an entire season hoping that she would come back and SHE DID in the finale of The 100. The SC fandom has been clowning for years, surely we would get some kind of closure? Can’t believe they’re bringing 3 rats back for the finale. I mean i get why baldy is back but hot dog man & mr homophobic? just why 😩 they better not take up much screentime 😔 AND ALSOOOO BRAINY BETTER STAY IN THE PRESENT & not go back to the future with Manhell istg the showrunners seem to not want their characters to have a happy ending 😖 THEY’VE SUFFERED ENOUGH ALREADY AND SO HAVE WE 😤 Guess we will find out next week if Supercorp is the greatest queerbait in history OR the longest and most epic slow-burn in history 🤡 (this became my favorite emoji bc of the show) To my friends (irl), if you’re reading this bahahah thank you and sorry y’all had to hear me rant about the show, you probably won’t hear me mention this show again after next week (depending on how the finale goes of course 🤡) Part 2 [seasons 5 & 6] of Kara & Lena’s story will hopefully be uploaded by the end of next week (let’s hope there’s not gonna be a long af text like this in the desc box for part 2 of the vid lol & i haven’t even touched on a lot of things i have in my mind in this text but the word limit is 👀 so…) Fingers crossed that this video won’t get copyright issues and be blocked 😕 Please watch in HD + headphones Sorry if there’s some imperfections in this edit this is probably the longest video I’ve ever edit & I tried my best to check for every flaw but still missed some in the end cut oh welp, hopefully they’re not that obvious ;p Alsoooo, i tried to get rid of as much of hot dog man & baldy’s scenes in this edit but please do bear with the video when they appear on your screen 😩 If you’re still reading this longass text I wrote, thank you lol Hope you enjoy the vid! 💓 Show : Supergirl Ship : Supercorp / Karlena Characters : Kara & Lena 💗 Songs : Everdream by Epic Soul Factory The Way by Zack Hempsey Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi Fear by Sleeping At Last Medicine by Daughter Experience by Ludovico Einaudi Hearing by Sleeping At Last Interstellar Main Theme by Hans Zimmer Patience by Hollowcoves Nocturne In Paris by Tony Anderson #supercorp #karadanvers #lenaluthor #karazorel #karlena #melissabenoist #katiemcgrath #supergirl #supercorpendgame #fanvidfeed #viddingisart #fanedit Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use


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