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Title:Knitting Traditions Podcast Ep.57- knitting with unspun yarn and a very old norwegian pattern

Hello lovelies🥰 What im wearing: The guernsey genser by sandnes garn from the book myk til dame found this english retailer ; motherknitter.com/shop/sandnes-garn-catalog-2202-s… And this one www.en.laine-et-tricot.com/2202-soft-for-women.htm… Finished objects: 2x the watch cap hat by purl soho using house of yarn inca and lang merino yak (www.purlsoho.com/create/2020/11/13/watch-cap-and-m… nellike blanket using magic cake from alize ombre batik hobbii.com/nellike-blanket The unarmoured defeence cowl by Kat weaver/ heather and hops using lang yak merino blend. www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/unarmoured-defenc… The guernsey genser by sandnes garn using nutiden grodd and isager silk mohair Regular Wips: The bjørkraglan by woodlans knits in nutiden flisselin and pløtulopi ruston 4.5 mm needles the Jules genser from myk til dame by sandnes garn knit in tynn silk mohair from sandnes garn ( found this english retailer ; motherknitter.com/shop/sandnes-garn-catalog-2202-s… ) a pillow case in linen stitch using gazzal organic dk cotton WKxKT makealong wips - copenhagen cardigan size L using british wool 4 ply cone in color loden green and kidsilk -The half and half triandles wrap in jet black british wool 4 ply and giddaw nepp brown - another one by one rib beanie in mossy green in 4 mm needles 96 sts Unspun yarn sources: Istex plötulopi Hillesvåg forgarn Woolentwine Spanish manchelopi Honer och eir nutiden Woolyknit website: www.woolyknit.com/ COLLABORATION START DATE // 26th September 2022. Ends December 1st - PRIZE: 75 Pounds to use on Woolyknit producs will be given to a randomly selected viewer with free international shipping - HOW TO WIN: Post a photo on instagram of a project that uses british wool and make sure to use the hashtag #WKxKT .Follow Woolyknit on instagram and subscribe to my youtube channel. The deadline for this prize draw is december 1 2022 INFORMATION ABOUT Woolyknits WOOL // Based in a mill in the heart of England, at Woolyknit we produce a variety of quality wool yarns available in a huge range of shades. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine 200 years of age-old techniques and experience in the wool industry with our passion for sustainable, renewable fibres. The responsibly sourced wool used in our luxurious yarn comes from sheep that roam freely on the fells and downs of the British Isles and thrive on a simple blend of grass, water, fresh air and sunshine. Every year they are sheared in the Spring months - an essential part of good farming husbandry - which helps rid them of potentially damaging infections such as blowfly strike and keeps them cool during the summer months. To celebrate the natural qualities of our pure wool, our yarn range also includes natural undyed colours, spun using the original colours of British wool pure breeds. At a time of increasing concern about the future of our planet and the exhaustion of its resources, it is vital that we use naturally occurring materials such as pure wool. If correctly treated, this high quality material will reward the wearer with many years of comfort - and at the end if its lifetime it is fully degradable making it an ideal sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Care of the environment features strongly in our strategic planning and we are selective in our supplier base by choosing to work only with companies that have a sound ecological footprint. Other Coupons and prizes: -Heather and hops: is donating 4 patterns Walaa emad: Code inga20 for 20 % off her patterns out november, shes also donating some patterns to the rustic knitalong. -Knitcrate affiliate link ( i get money from knitcrate if you use this link to go to their page): www.knitcrate.com/KNITTINGTRADITIONS Coupon code: KNITTINGTRADITIONS Knitcrate Promo - $40 gift to followers You will get $40 to spend on your 1st month off any KnitCrate subscription. You just need to type in KNITTINGTRADITIONS code at checkout to apply the $40 to your order (this is valid for new subscribers only). This will allow you to receive the monthly Knit & Crochet Club crate and Sock Knit & Crochet Club crate free for the 1st month (you would just pay S&H). Bonus Gift Furthermore, if tyou stay subscribed to KnitCrate for three months, customers will receive a special gift code giving you another $40 off your 4th month as a thank you for being a member for the past few months. Rustic knitalong: if you are knitting anything in 100% plastic free yarn, preferably animal fiber, NSW, use the hashtag rusticknitalongfo on instagram to win or just rusticknitalong to attend for fun and show wips aswell🥰 Prizes will be drawn sometime between christmas and new years so make sure to post to instagram before christmas. in addition to patterns i will put to gether a parcel with yarn and some extras :D


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