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Title:Durga Visarjan (immersion) at vijoya Dashami bhasan end of Durga Puja at ganga river (Part 3)

Welcome to the video Durga Visarjan (immersion) at vijoya Dashami bhasan end of Durga Puja at ganga river (Part 3), Durgoutsab or Durgapuja is the largest and most popular famous religious enjoying festival (Utsav) of Bengali and Indian people in West Bengal, There is no end of enthusiastic and enthusiasm of the people of Bengal's capital, Kolkata, centered around this big festival It is a very long-awaited festival of many Hindu people over the years this victory festival is celebrated especially in Tripura and Bengal this victory festival is the victory of good over evil It is said in the Puranas that when demon king Mahisasur was torturing the common people, Maa Durga ended her torment with appropriate punishment and it brought comfort and joy to the mind of the people and since then the devotees of the goddess started the Vijay festival or Durga Puja The idol (Thakur murti) of goddess Mother is worshiped here as the image of energy (Moha sakti) here mother goddess Shakti as the embodiment of all life and creation Mother goddess is favorite by different names such as Debi Chandi Mahamaya Kattayani sosthi Aparajita Sibani Uma Mohis O Mordini Gouri Parboti Bhabani Sorosi Bogola etc, This Indian celebration has been celebrated from ancient time in various states of India and now it has become an entertainment festival. Durga festival is usually held on autumn Long before Pujo, and before mahalaya the tune of the Agomony songs in the house of rural Bengal came to be heard, In addition to West Bengal Assam Odisha Bihar Uttar Pradesh Haryana Madhya Pradesh maharastrya Jharkhand etc area. Durga Puja Festival is celebrated It is held not only in India but also outside of India and in other countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Britain America etc and so on. It is also known as harvest season for health wealth and prosperity, so this time people have great pleasure This worship (Puja) is usually for five days, But due to the people's enthusiasm, but sometime somewhere the five day worship went beyond ten days, Mainly worship begins from Maha Sasthi then Saptami Astomi Nabami and Dasomi, on the day of Bijoya Dasomi idol or image of goddess or Thakur is dissolved or plunged on a holy river water that is call as immersion (vasan niranjan bisorjon or bisarjan) This excellent great festival is celebrated across the state on a grand scale, the amazing awesome Pandals with wonderful majestic nice idols (protima) of Maa Durga are always open for devotees Ganesh Lakshmi Saraswati Kartik, son of goddess Durga, was worshiped with their mother at the same time Ganesha is considered to be the god of intelligence and fulfillment Lakshmi is regarded as the goddess of wealth and prosperity Goddess (Devi) Saraswati is considered as the God of wisdom and tune and music while Kartik is considered as the commander of Dev, On the day of immersion, Goddess Durga and her four sons and daughters will have to leave because this does not end the grief of human beings but according to religious custom or rule you have to give goodbye, This departure process or farewell process is called immersion (visarjan vijoya), And this day is considered as Dosera or Dussehra on many states of India, The immersion is usually done in a large river like Ganga, or in a large pond which is religiously established, Many people participated in this immersion process and took part in the procession, This process is usually done in the evening or afternoon, People give the last farewell to the gods and goddess, associated with the help of song dance (nach) instrumental music like drum (dhak dhol) etc, Because after waiting for a year she will come back again with her children by plaguing all the misery of the people and all the people will be happy and that is why Devi's other name is Anandamayi, However, after one month of puja Durga Thakur, mother Durga was worshiped as goddess Kali Many eager people come to the bank of river Ganges rush to see bisorjon, such as women men young boys and girls, old aged ladies, mahila Ladka Ladki etc. and thus this great grand celebration or beautiful festival ends with the ablution process.
Durgotsav celebrate in various districts at village & city, such as Howrah Hooghly North and South 24 Pargana Medanipur Jalpaiguri Koch Bihar Nadia Bankura Birbhum Burdwan Dinajpur Murshidabad Midnapore etc on 2019
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