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Title:Every Single Clone Trooper Type + Variant Explained (All Known 36+ Types) [2022 UPDATED] [CANON]

The Clone Troopers of the Republic were the backbone of the Chancellor Palpatine’s military force to fight the separatists during the Clone Wars. Despite being commissioned under very suspicious circumstances by a long dead Jedi named Sifo-Dyas, the Jedi Council felt they had no choice but to accept these new Clones and serve as their General in the upcoming conflict… Over the years, many different types and variants of Clone troopers were created to fill different use cases, including everything from Clone Intelligence officers to Clones who hunt their brothers who have deserted… Check out EVERY LIGHTSABER TYPE in Canon here: https://youtu.be/Kto-pl7A6PM *Number 1. Regular Clone Troopers* The Clone Army of the Republic was commissioned by Jedi Master and Council member Sifo-Dyas after he foresaw a coming would which would ravage the Galaxy. The other Jedi on the council refused to believe his insane ramblings, and as a result kicked him off of the council. Despite this, he put in an order with the Kaminoans, who were known for their high quality cloning and thus the Clone Army was born… Although there was a huge problem. While placing this order, Palpatine found out about the deal and ordered the Kaminoans to implant inhibitor chips into each of their heads, compelling them to follow any of the 150 Clone Contigency orders when activated… *Number 2. Special Operations Troopers* Special ops troopers or stealth ops clones were a group of Clones that specialized in low profile, undetected stealth missions deep into enemy territory. They were trained to be able to move quickly and quietly, and detect enemies at a distance, without much trouble… They were also given advanced sensory gear by the Kaminoans which enhanced their senses, including their hearing and sight… They often operated experimental Republic technologies like the Stealth corvette in their campaign against General Grievous and the Malevolence. *Number 3. Clone Shadow Troopers.* Clone Shadow troopers were a highly secretive unit of Clones who were equpped with an extremely experiemental and rare type of armor. The armor was coated in deep black paint, with white stripes and a red visor, and contained a group of strageically placed magseals. These seals allowed the Clones to attach cosmetic plates to the armor, which could alter any clone’s appearance to impersonate almost any type of human shaped species or profession. For example, these clones could impersonate a Hutt Cartel Mercenary or a member of the black Sun Crime Syndicate if they needed to go undercover within those crime families. This unit eventually evolved into Imperial Shadow Troopers later on. *Number 4. Clone Lava Troopers* Now these guys aren’t confirmed to be Clone Troopers in Canon, but based on the time they served, it’s pretty likely that they are. Now they wore deep black armor, with thick red breathing tubes, allowing them to serve near the sulphur-rich lava rivers of Mustafar, under Darth Vader. They followed him loyally into battle on Mustafar, especially against the Native Mustafarians, who often caused trouble and rebellion near his castle. *Number 5. Covert Operations Troopers* Now these Clones are probably the most dark and ominous variant on the list. Cover Ops trooeprs were assigned to perform the “dirty work” of the Republic, that most clones would find repulsive, unethical or just plain wrong… This primarily included hunting down Clone Deserters like Cut Lawquane and executing them on the spot. *Number 6. Clone Medics* Clone medics were troopers specifically bred and trained on Kamino to be able to treat their injured brothers on the battlefield. Because knowledge of the Clone Body was implanted into the Medic’s brains from before their birth, their treatment was extremely effective in even the worst of situations. The most famous Clone Medic is Clone Trooper Kix, and he is actually the last surviving Clone Trooper in the Galaxy, making it all the way to the time of the Force Awakens. During the dying days of the Clone Wars, Kix became extremely suspscious of the so-called virus that caused his brother Tup to kill Master Tiplar.To do this, Dooku froze Kix in cryostasis aboard a transport ship, but on the way to serenno is was ambushed by Republic forces who didn’t know Kix was on oboard, causing signficiant damage. As a result, the B-1 Battle droid on board decided the ship was far too damaged to go to Serenno, so he activated the hyper drives and sent the ship hurling in a random direction, eventually crash landing on the sandly world of Ponemah… 50 years after the Clone Wars, Kix was discovered by the Red Pirate Sidon Ithano and was horrified to learn that everyone he knew wasa now dead… *Number 7. Clone Purge Troopers.* Clone Purge troopers were group of elite clones who were considered “expendable death squads” by the empire, meant to hunt down any surviving Jedi from Order 66.


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