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Title:Vighnaharta Ganesh - Ep 173 - Full Episode - 23rd April, 2018

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Episode 173: The End of Jalandhar
Vrinda chases Ganesh into the depth of the ocean. Then, Vrinda sees Ganesh going inside a cave and follows him. Ganesh makes Vrinda realize the good qualities in her. How will this lead to Jalandhar’s demise? Watch and find out.

About Vighnaharta Ganesh:
'Vighnaharta Ganesh' showcases the journey of the deity Ganesha and presents a magical visual extravaganza with impeccable production design, celestial costumes and ingenious audio-visual experience through Motion Capture technology. This technology will make the emotional journey of how Ganesha from being an ostracized child to "Prathamesh" amongst Gods more endearing and realistic experience. Motion Capture technology and animatronics which will be used for the first time on Indian Television, after being extensively used in Hollywood. This technology will replace the age-old depiction of Lord Ganesha with an inert mask and bring alive the detailed life-like movements and facial expressions to the fore giving the viewers a delightful visual treat. This magnum opus is supported by a stellar star-cast that includes Uzair Basar playing Ganesha, Akanksha Puri as Parvati, Malkhan Singh as Shiv, Basant Bhatt as Kartikeya and Anand Garodia as Narada Muni.

Shiva's family
Uzair Basar as Lord Ganesha
Akanksha Puri as Parvati
Malkhan Singh as Shiva
Basant Bhatt as Kartikeya

Meer Ali as Indra
Vikas Salgotra as Vayu
Viren Singh as Surya
Tushar Chawla as Varuna
Lala Tiger as Agni
Riyanka Chanda as Chandra's Wife/ Goddess Rohini
Aishwarya Raj as Sandhya
Sonia Sharma as Shachi

Concept: Manikya Raju Uppaluri
Created By: Abhimanyu Singh
Script Head: Manikya Raju Uppaluri
Story: Brijmohan Pandey
Screenplay/Dialogues: Anjalika Gupta and Himanshu Tyagi
Researcher: Dr. Ram Swarth Mehta
Editor: K. Raj Gopal and Sujit Das
Online Editors: Ankush Ambre, Sandeep Singh, and D Singh
Head Of Operations: Anup Vijay
H.O.P: Abhishek Sinha and Gaurav Sharma
Director: Avinash Waghmare
DOP: Prakash Barot
Visual Effect Supervisor: Nishikant Mohapatra and Bharat Mistry
Art Director: Sandesh Gondhalekar and R.P. Singh
Post Head/Supervisor: Srichand Dasnam, Surendra/Vicky
Song Choupai/B.G. Music: Udhbav & Donney and Paresh Shah
Creative Team: N.G/Srichand and R.K. Chhabra/Himani
Script Supervisor/Lyrics: Niraj Prabhakar and Shrikant Vishwakarma
Set Marketing: Swati Sharma, Kartik Dandapani, and Altamash Aslam
Communication Team: Kumar Pai and Prashant Saxena
Set GFX Team: Vijay Badgujar and Vilas Boga
Set Programming Team: Meenal Rao and Ritwija Mukherjee
Project Head: R A Mehta
Business Head: Manish Pupat
Producers: Abhimanyu Singh and Roopali Singh
Produced By: Contiloe Pictures Pvt.Ltd.


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