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Title:GigaFactory construction before/after week of January 11th

All gigafactory updates. If you want some behind the scenes info, follow me at Patreon.com/Glossynews where you don't even have to be a sponsor to get the insight. Mad thanks to Jason Yang in Shanghai: https://www.youtube.com/user/jasonyan... Tobias Lindh in Berlin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV0h... Jeff Roberts in Texas: https://www.youtube.com/user/peterdog15 Timestamps: 00:00 Giga Shanghai 02:01 Giga Berlin 04:17 Giga Texas Giga Shanghai The NE corner which had previously been nothing more than a temporary location for container offices has had it's foundation work advanced with steel moving from a few vertical columns to quite a few as well as a number of horizontal beams with a lot more steel delivered for immediate placement. The steel structure to the north of Phase 2 is moving along nicely, though not breaking any records. It already spans its full intended width and looks like it may complete its shell in the next couple weeks. The eastward expansion into the former farmland has seen a lot more concrete pads poured with new grading taking place. The area between buildings is cleared out and we may see some work commence here soon, as they are simply out of space and this land is as good as any. The new access road and bridge are looking pretty paved, with a significant portion of the bridge span installed for continued work toward imminent completion. I Expect to see that ready for use within about a month. Giga Berlin With the holidays over they're back at full steam with significant wall segments complete on the south face of the building and a lot of work going on inside with the installation of equipment that's not visible from the air. On the east side the loading docks are being completed and additional columns are being hoisted into place with more concrete roof elements. There's a fair amount of earth being moved to accommodate the loading docks, but that's likely to be backfilled almost immediately. On the north side of the building, not pictured unfortunately, there's been substantial work to complete the exterior face of the structure, though there will be additional new space there soon, as the foundations have been completed for quite some time. There is a time lapse available on Tobias Lindh's channel. The much larger switchyard has goon from clear land to having a significant skeleton in place which will surely be complete well in advance of Giga Berlin going online. Giga Texas Instead of using Jeff's usual Sunday update, we need to look back one day earlier to the Saturday footage because, as you can see, it apparently snows in Texas once in a while. Not often enough for ground crews to require equipment to handle it, since it's generally gone in with a day. If you want to see the latest from Texas, head over to Jeff's channel in the description. But it's been a big week nonetheless. The main steel structure now has its roof all the way to the north end of the building, and the concrete columns where the GigaCastings will live is almost ready for horizontal beams. The interior now has a huge amount of 2nd floor concrete poured and finished. A new steel outcropping has extended all the way to the east edge of the building's footprint which will be three floors when completed. The main building now extends significantly further south. We're still not sure which part of the site will be home to the construction of your CyberTruck, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this if you have any ideas. A lot of new footings are being dug along the center of the site, and extending further south. Footings also have been finished connecting from the large concrete columns we just saw all the way to the southern edge of the property where the MegaBunker is located. At the mega-bunker if you will, or cathedral if you won't, a lot of new columns have gone up with new roof beams as well. At this corner we can see a lot of earthworks expanding south toward the river, which may be used as an additional storm water retention pond, based on its shape. On the west side the foundation work has moved south and it's just a flurry of activity. The smaller steel building now extends all the way to the western perimeter, roughly doubling the footprint, and reaching skyward from a single floor to as many as 3-4 floors with roof supports already in place. The main steel structure has also expanded westward. If you tune in for my weekly Giga Texas math update, that should be out by Tuesday morning, and as you can imagine, there's good news to be shared. Hit subscribe if you want to be notified when that's published, since it's the only way YouTube knows the sort of stuff you're interested in. Around the site there's been quite a bit of earthworks underway. To the east of the SE corner we can see more grading taking place. Over by the Martin-Marietta plant there's new dirt. And there's also work taking place near the concrete batch plant as well.


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