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Title:Outdoor swimming: how long should I stay in?

As they start outdoor swimming, I often hear people asking, how long should I stay in? Although it’s comforting to ask for a rule of thumb, everyone is different and there are many factors which influence our cold water tolerance. Join me on a swim as I chat about some pointers to bear in mind.

0:00​ How long can you stay in for?
0:42​ How cold is it?
1:19​ Considerations before getting in
2:29​ How to get in
3:54​ What does it feel like?
4:40​ The 'umbles
6:50​ How quickly will it affect you?
7:46​ Why measure the temperature? Beware temperature peer pressure
9:33​ Set up for success

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Here are the videos I mentioned:
How to avoid cold shock in outdoor swimming https://youtu.be/MvTM4laiwtk
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Filmed on a GoPro Hero 8, edited in Lumafusion app on iPad Pro
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Outdoor swimming is a fantastic activity to get involved in, but sometimes just getting started can be challenging - what to wear, where to go, who to do it with are all questions that my playlist “Get Involved with Outdoor Swimming” addresses https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

The Outdoor Swimming community is extremely diverse and welcoming and there are new friends waiting to meet you. Hope to see you in the water sometime soon. Everyday Athlete is my vlog about getting active in the great outdoors. I make videos about outdoor activities such as swimming, snowboarding, running, bike riding which hopefully encourage other people to get involved. I upload videos weekly on a Tuesday morning in the UK.

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